Winter Home Staging Tips: Don’t Let the White Stuff Win

Most homeowners recognize the multitude of benefits offered when using Northern Colorado home staging services to sell their property. However, many people don’t realize that successfully staging a home can change right along with the seasons. This is particularly true during wintertime, which is often considered a slow season for real estate markets across the country. For many Colorado towns and cities, buyer interest can decrease right along with the outside temperatures.

Fortunately, it is possible to get your house sale-ready no matter how cold the weather may get. If you’re gearing up to put your home on the market this winter, don’t let the white stuff win. Knowing a few essential winter home staging tips can help expedite the selling process and bring your property to close as soon as possible.


Bust Out the Shovel

Your home exterior will play a vital role in the sale of your home throughout the winter months. Unfortunately, it can sometimes get a little tough to see your outside property underneath all the snow. Get your shovel ready to remove snow and ice from the driveway, walkways, steps, and any other pathways leading to the house. Giving buyers easy (and safe) access to any of your entryways will go a long way towards moving your house closer to an offer.

Patios and decks should also get a little shoveling love so people can see the quality and layout of these features as well. Want to take your snow removal one step beyond doorways and walking paths? Set up some outdoor sitting areas with fire pit, chairs, lights, and throw pillows to help buyers see how they can utilize the space if they purchase your home.

Find a Way to Welcome Visitors

Not only should you clear your entryways, but you should also add some decorative touches to these outside spaces to make them as inviting and welcoming as possible. Add a festive wreath made of evergreens or organic materials to the front door. Fill outside planters on your porch with seasonal items such as winterberry, spruce, and pinecones. On the flip side, don’t over-decorate and scare potential buyers away. Learn more here.

You can even paint your front door a rich, vibrant color to help your home stand out from other properties on the market.

Also, always place a mat outside your front door so your guests have someplace to wipe their feet before entering your home. You may even want to consider adding extra outside lighting so anyone coming to view your property won’t have to work their way to the house in the dark.


Heat Things Up

Showing a home with an interior that is cold and frosty is a surefire way to repel potential buyers. Always raise the temperature to at least 70 degrees whenever a buyer requests a viewing of your property. Keeping things toasty inside will provide a nice contrast from the cold outdoor temperatures as soon as buyers enter the property. Additionally, a comfortable interior temperature can help encourage potential buyers to linger a bit longer inside the home to see everything there is to love about your property.


Get Organized

Once potential buyers make their way inside your home, it’s crucial for them to see a clean, organized, and uncluttered interior that will make them want to make you an offer. Avoid the dreaded “mud room mess” where you and your family leave all your winter gear strewn about everywhere. Hang a few additional hooks to get your jackets, hats, and gloves off the floor and organized.

Bonus Tip: Whenever possible, make sure you leave a few hooks empty for potential buyers to hang up all their winter gear, so they are as comfortable as possible when viewing your home.


Get Cozy

Get a fire going in the fireplace, light a few candles, and add plush home accents throughout your living spaces to make your home feel as warm and inviting as possible. Faux fur throws and pillows are an easy and affordable way to use textured materials that add depth and coziness, all at the same time. Strategically place coffee table books in various rooms to give buyers something to browse or visually highlight special features like your coffee or wine bar. A few extra touches before a viewing or open house can have a major impact on buyers and help your property edge out the competition on the market.

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Get Experienced Help

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