Ways To Warm Up a Modern Interior Design

Many Northern Colorado interior designs use modern décor and furnishings, for a myriad of reasons. Refined and sophisticated, these designs often incorporate minimalized layouts, sleek furnishings, white color palettes, and lots of stones, granites, and marbles, all of which can pack a major visual punch. However, sometimes, the modern styling in a room can carry a bit of an uninviting vibe. Fortunately, modern and welcoming do not have to be mutually exclusive options when designing your interiors. Knowing a few easy tips can help you warm up your space, instantly boosting the cozy factor in virtually any room. Some suggestions to make your design more comfortable and livable include:

Introduce Plush Textiles

Large throw pillows and plush blankets have an unwavering ability to soften up a stark room instantly. Incorporate overstuffed pillows in deep neutral tones (think navy, charcoal, gray, and chocolates) throughout all of your sitting areas to encourage visitors and guests to make themselves more comfortable. You may even want to include oversized pillows to use as cushions for a floor-level sitting area. Next, drape blankets in complementing colors throughout the space for an added layer of texture. If you really want to up the impact of your textiles, consider using curtains and window treatments in the room that will make the area feel warm and connected.

Use Wood and Wooden Accents

Wood immediately conveys an inviting sense of natural, organic warmth. Additionally, using wood in your modern space grants you access to a virtually endless variety of grains and finishes to ensure you find the right piece for your specific room. Not sure you’ll love the look of wood in your interior designs? Start small. Including even just a petite wooden bench or side table in a lighter color can help you decide if it works (as well as determine that you like it). If you’re ready to dive in with wood on a larger scale, consider a hardwood floor. Hickory and Brazilian cherry can add depth to a room with a cooler color palette as well as deliver visual interest to the space. Or, you may also introduce an accent wall covered in shiplap or wooden shingles for a focal point that also warms things up.

Put a Rug On It

Not thrilled about the idea of using a wooden floor in your modern interior design? You can still use your floors to warm up the space with an area rug. Placing a thick, cozy area rug on a cold floor quickly makes a room feel more comfortable and inviting. Best of all, area and accent rugs and floor coverings come in virtually every color, size, and style to help you accommodate the space as well as your own personal preferences.

Consider Furnishings

Many people assume that a modern design means white. Fortunately, this is simply not the case. A beautiful, well-appointed modern layout can also incorporate a multitude of rich, vibrant colors into the space. Start your introduction of color with your furniture. Consider various browns, reds, or darker neutral colors to breathe a little aesthetic life into your living spaces. Remember to choose a color that will both work with the natural materials in the room as well as can be brightened up with accents as needed.

Add Wall Hangings and Artwork

Once again, white isn’t your only option when it comes to styling the walls in your modern interior design. Leaving your walls stark white and base can quickly make a room feel cold and unwelcoming. However, adding wall hangings in a wide range of colors can instantly transform the space into a spot that you and your family will love spending time in. Use a single, large piece to command attention and serve as a focal point within the design. Or, hang several smaller pieces on a wall for color and extra texture as well. The best part about using wall hangings to warm up a space is that you can choose pieces that have personal meaning or significance. Family photos, treasured artwork, and even using frame boxes to display collections can make a room resonate with everyone in your crew on a deeper level, instantly increasing how warm and inviting it feels.

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