Vintage Kitchen Trends: Seven Retro Trends Making a Comeback

If you’re noticing any of the recent vintage kitchen trends, you’ll agree that it’s true what they say: eventually, everything old becomes new again. The same holds true for kitchen designs. Right now, homeowners are embracing a multitude of styles and looks first introduced in previous generations and decades. If you’re ready to turn back time (with a modern twist, of course) using vintage kitchen home accessories in your home, consider these seven retro trends that are enjoying an interior design comeback.



The last several years have seen a significant upswing in industrial accents throughout our kitchen spaces with lots of grays and polished steels and metals. However, more homeowners are including softer, more traditional colors in this space. Incorporating pastels in soft pinks, blues, and mint in this room instantly evokes a 50s and 60s vibe. You don’t even need to go big to get noticed. Just a few pastel countertop appliances and cabinet knobs can strike a perfect balance when mixed with more modern features to ensure your space stays in the “retro” lane without veering over into “dated.”

Bold Color Bursts

Of course, pastels aren’t the only throwback palette to consider when updating your kitchen’s interior design. You can get bold with your color options and still convey a classic feel. Opt for surface appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and mixers in jewel tones that introduce a completely vintage color scheme. For example, offset your deep turquoise home accessories with soft shades of cream and black for a balanced and inviting look that brings back the 60s. Remember, bold doesn’t mean overpowering. Just a few fixtures are all it takes to establish your palette without going overboard.


Petite Spaces

For years, many homeowners subscribed to the “bigger is better” mentality when planning out virtually all of their interior designs. Today’s owners recognize that in a turbulent and expensive marketplace, smaller spaces directly translate into more affordability. Fortunately, old-school kitchen designs and appliances were crafted to make due in modestly sized rooms. If you’re working with a small layout, consider adding some eye-catching metals and brightly colored walls to warm up your cozy space.


Yes, rich hardwoods are still a popular kitchen flooring option for homes of every style. However, for those looking to up the decorative ante, there are countless old-timey (yet somehow-still-fresh) designs to choose from. Think timeless black-and-white checkered designs to bring back the soda fountain days of the 50s. Or, opt for a brightly colored porcelain tile in a pattern that transports you back to the 60s or 70s. Not so sure you’re ready to be so blatantly retro? Choose a tile in a neutral theme with a vintage design to give a subtle nod to previous design generations.


The lighting fixtures in your kitchen can instantly establish a theme in the space. There are countless old-school pendants, sconces, and accent lighting options available on the market right now. Consider midcentury Sputnik designs or schoolhouse pendants to introduce a fun and fresh “what’s-old-is-new-again” spin in your kitchen’s interior layout.



Perhaps the easiest way to embrace some older styles that are making a major comeback is to opt for vintage appliances in your kitchen. Right now, countless manufacturers are offering some vintage products with their more modern inventory. Unlike the avocado green or mustard yellow options of yesteryear, today’s throwback appliance designs are exceptionally versatile and can be incorporated in a wide range of interior designs. Best of all, going retro with your appliances doesn’t mean you have to choose a refrigerator in robin’s egg blue. Many distributors offer classic lines in modern stainless steel for a design that perfectly walks the line between old and new.


Designated Dining Nooks

Modern open-concept kitchens deliver an ideal spot to introduce a throwback trend with staying power: designated dining spots. To really embrace a traditional vibe, opt for a built-in dining area. Built-in benches deliver endless design options so you can truly personalize the space. Additionally, built-ins work in any-sized space and ensure you won’t have to devour unnecessary square footage with bulky chairs and benches. Once again, less is more with this trend. Don’t go overboard building out every available inch and space. Instead, choose one area in the kitchen to serve as your focal point to create a distinctive, customized dining arrangement that’s both eye-catching and functional.

What do you think of the vintage kitchen trends that are making a comeback? Have you embraced any of them in your home?