How to Include Valentine’s Day Romance Into Your Home Décor

When it comes to decorating our Loveland interiors, not all holidays are created alike. Sure, we all enjoy getting festive with our interior designs at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season. However, we often forget that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some romantic, high-end Loveland home décor throughout our living spaces- plus it’s a great way to distract ourselves from the less-than-lovely weather February often brings. While you certainly don’t need to replace all of your belongings with their pink counterparts or have dishes with candy hearts in every room, there are plenty of fun (yet tasteful) ways to embrace the aesthetics and mood of this holiday that celebrates love. Here are a few ways to include Valentine’s Day romance throughout your home this season.

Experiment With the Color Palette

Valentine’s Day lends itself beautifully to soft, romantic color schemes. In addition to pinks and subdued crimsons, you can work in shades of purple, like lavender, berry, and mauve. Use gold and silver accents to complement these colors for a distinctive spin on traditional color pairings often associated with February 14th.  For a more modern look, don’t be afraid to utilize a bold red in your décor. If you’re worried about the scarlet standing out too much, pair it with more subtle accent colors like white, greys, silver, or gold. You can easily experiment with any of these color palettes by using various furnishings and materials in your living spaces.

Incorporate Romantic Accents

From window treatments to hand towels, guest room linens to throw blankets, there are so many opportunities to introduce Valentine’s Day into your high-end Loveland décor. Hang new artwork that evokes the feelings of the holiday. Don’t be afraid to think outside conventional paintings and reproductions; maybe locate some vintage romance film posters or greeting cards to display on your wall or shelves. You may even want to use books in your decor, displaying antique editions of some of your favorite romantic classics (think: Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Weathering Heights). Framed pressed flowers are also a lovely touch.

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect opportunity to get cozy with faux fur pillows, blankets, and rugs, and of course candles—scented or unscented depending on personal preference. Or, skip the faux fur, opting instead to replace throw pillows and blankets with ones that complement your new, romantic color palette. Opt for pastel-colored or gauzy window treatments in your favorite living spaces, and for your dining room, choose delicate tablecloths, such as lace or silk blends.

Finally, while spring may feel out of reach in mid-February (no matter what the groundhog predicts), Valentine’s Day is a great time to use flowers in your décor to capture the spirit of love (as well as the essence of the warmer seasonal months). From large, eye-catching arrangements to single blooms scattered throughout the house, nothing says romance when you walk into a room like fresh, colorful florals. Some great bloom options include peonies, Gerber daisies, orchids or the classic cupid staple – roses.

Get Tasteful About the Theme

You’ve swapped out the throw pillows and towels, selected the right artwork, and arranged the florals – it’s officially time to think about the sweeter side of the holiday and invoke your sense of sight, smell, and taste with your interior designs. Get creative in your kitchen, dining, or living areas with sweet displays of chocolates, berries or macaroons. Have a bowl of pastel-colored mints displayed on the bathroom vanity, and add some themed tea into your selection offerings, such as rose hip, jasmine, and hibiscus. If they’re not out already, showcase your rosé, red and white wines in a distinctive way for an easy, festive element.

If you use a glass water dispenser in your kitchen, swap the lemons for raspberries. Utilize the beautiful hand-painted China that only surfaces on special occasions, or incorporate some unexpected items like red taper candles or napkins, pink and gold teacups, or chic rose gold drinking glasses. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply treating yourself and your loved ones, these special little touches are all ingenious ways to include a little extra romance into your home décor and personalize your living spaces.

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