Home Staging Tips To Help Your Vacation Rental Home Stand Out

As a Loveland home staging company, we’ve staged homes for realtors and homeowners who have properties on the market. However, something many people may not realize is that home stagers could also help you prepare your vacation rental home.  

The vacation rental industry is booming. Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO are just some of the many online sites that streamline the listing and booking process for homeowners to use their primary or secondary residences as a source of income. Recent statistics indicate the trend is expected to continue to grow 7.9% annually, making now the right time for homeowners to turn their properties from overhead to investment.

Of course, the steady upswing in available vacation rentals means that competition is fierce; in order to stand out amongst the masses, property owners must create an online presence that captures renter attention and edges out other Colorado vacation rentals in the region. Enter professional home staging services. When used consistently, home staging can showcase the very best features of your vacation rental home, exceed renter expectations, and help encourage your guests to leave a positive online review after their stay at your property.  

Maximize Results With Home Staging on Your Rental Property

  Home staging strategies for a short-term rental property can differ from staging used for a house sale; it’s crucial to focus on your guests’ priorities to make the best impression possible as soon as they walk in the door. A few essential residential staging tips include:  

Invest in Quality Basics

Let’s face it; with such a large pool of available properties to choose from, renters can afford to be choosy. While you don’t have to purchase exorbitantly expensive furnishing and amenities, investing in a few good quality pieces can make a major impact on online surfers. Purchasing higher end furniture, towels, linens, and supplies can go a long way in helping potential guests notice what you’re property has to offer.  

Don’t Continuously Refresh

When selling a home, a home staging professional may consistently remove your belongings and introduce new items throughout the selling process to grab buyer attention. However, continuously changing out your furnishings and accents doesn’t often translate well when renting your home as a vacation property. It’s perfectly fine to refresh your rental as needed – just remember that guests booking your property will expect your home to look like it did in its online photos. If they arrive and the décor is drastically different in person, they may feel like they’ve been misled and their expectations have been unmet.  

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter can quickly get out of hand with a vacation rental that has guests coming and going every week. Furniture can get moved, items can gather on countertops, and various surfaces can start to look unorganized. Don’t risk deterring guests as soon as they walk into your front door. Do a quick walk through before every check-in to ensure your interior is neat and arrival-ready.  

Create Functional Furniture Grouping

Many homeowners assume that pushing the furniture against the walls delivers the best visual impact in a space. However, this is not the case. Group furniture together to create functional living spaces, designate seating areas, and support various activities, so guests have an instant idea how to optimize the use of your home.  

Make the Home Feel Like New

Yes, your renters recognize that there have been countless guests before them in your home. However, no one likes an in-your-face reminder of just how lived in the rental is. Always remove half used items like dish detergent, hand soap, and shampoos from the house in between renters, refreshing what’s relevant, so your guests feel like everything has been replenished specifically for their stay.  

Keep It Neutral

Appealing to all of your renters’ décor tastes is hard; make things as simple as possible by keeping your interiors neutral. Remember, neutral does not mean only white. Beiges, grays, blacks, browns, and even blues can all strike a neutral tone in your vacation rental design.  

The Extra Details Go a Long Way

Paying attention to the little staging details can have a big impact on your renters. There are countless ways to help your guests feel at home throughout their stay on your property. Start with the dining room table, arranging a vase of fresh flowers as part of the centerpiece to make the interior feel warm and inviting or consider leaving a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen for a burst of organic color every time they enter the room. Chocolates on the pillow or a welcome letter can all make your vacation renters feel welcome right from check-in.   Niche Design House offers professional Loveland staging services for homes of every size. Contact us today to hear more.