Ways Use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint To Update Your Windsor Interior Design

Windsor interior designers love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…and with good reason. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint goes beyond walls and wood; it works with virtually any surface and finish. This quality paint offers impressive durability, a velvety matte finish, and comes in a full spectrum of colors, making it an ideal option for a diverse range of Windsor interior design projects.

Additionally, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is extremely easy to apply, detail, and distress, allowing homeowners an opportunity to create custom pieces or breathe new life into dated furnishings throughout their homes. Best of all, this unique paint requires no priming, prepping, or sanding – you don’t have to be a professional painter to achieve professional painter results.

Ready to get started? Here are some creative ways to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to brighten your Windsor interior design:

Update Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone loves a kitchen makeover; however, not everyone has the budget to renovate the room where many of us spend most of our time. Chalk Paint grants you a chance to freshen up out-of-style cabinetry without incurring any hefty expenses. Choose a color that breathes life into the space and complements the rest of the décor in the room. Before you begin, remove any cabinetry fixtures and give your cupboards a thorough wash with warm soapy water. Paint away, allowing your first coat to dry before applying your second layer. Finish with two to three coats of Clear Chalk Paint Wax, using a clean cloth to buff your cabinets in between every application.

Wooden Floors

We all adore the beauty of original hardwood floors – until their age begins to show. Scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear can eventually get the best of even the most cared for hardwoods. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint grants you virtually endless ways to reinvigorate the floor beneath your feet. Distressed wood, stenciling, subtle (or not so subtle) patterns – if you can dream it, you can recreate it using your hardwoods as a giant canvas. Team with a creative Windsor interior designer to brainstorm different options that will revitalize your space and deliver a final look you’ll love.

Picture Frames

Are the frames on your artwork and personal photos looking dated? Maybe you have several frames you love, but they just don’t match each other or the space. Chalk Paint is an easy fix. Paint each piece a new solid color or wipe away the first coat before it completely dries for an antique, distressed finish. Once finished, the frames themselves become a work of art. Bonus Tip: Chalk Paint also works well on both standing and hanging mirror frames.

Leather Furniture

Many people are surprised to learn that this paint isn’t just for the wooden pieces of furniture – it actually adheres to almost any upholstered surface, including leather. Whether you want to restyle a single armchair or have an entire leather set you want to update, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can make the process simple and straightforward. Freshen up the leather with a subtle application that looks like its original style or choose a bold, fun, bright new shade to transform your leather entirely. When working with leather, you’ll need to build up coverage in thin coats until you’ve achieved desired results. Finish the repainted surfaces with Clear Chalk Paint Wax.

Wall Art

We all have the one wall that stays empty simply because we can’t find the perfect painting or hanging for it. Stop searching and create your own piece of original art using Chalk Paint. Consult with your Windsor interior design team to select colors that will brighten up the space. From there, the sky is essentially the limit. You can repaint and stencil salvaged wood, metal pieces, and even old window frames to hang and create visual interest. Or, channel your inner artist and paint a one-of-a-kind original on canvas. Your interior designer can help guide you as you pinpoint the perfect piece to (finally) fill up that empty wall.

Lighting Fixtures

It’s hard to keep up with metal trends on our lighting fixtures. Gold, brushed nickel, brass; what’s in style this year may feel dated next. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire an electrician to install new lights every time your fixtures cycle out of fashion. Use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on sconces, chandeliers, and even table lamps for a custom finish that defies passing trends for long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Looking for even more ways to enhance your Windsor interior design using Chalk Paint? Contact Niche Design House to discuss your vision with our onsite designers.