No Brush Needed: Update Your Interior Color Scheme Without Paint

It doesn’t take an interior designer to be aware that, when it comes to changing the look and mood of a room, it’s hard to beat the impact of color. Sure, texture, materials, focal points, and overall visual interest all play a crucial role in developing your room’s final look. However, when you update your interior color scheme, your interior design can quickly and (almost effortlessly) redefine the vibe of the entire space.

Many Loveland homeowners assume that the only way to truly redefine a room’s tones and shades is to undertake a major repainting project. Not true. Yes, painting your interior can freshen up your spaces, hide blemishes, and incorporate virtually any shade you’d like into your space. However, for many homeowners, a painting project reeks of hours of work and long-term color commitment. Fortunately, there are countless ways to revamp the color palette throughout your interior using home accessories in Loveland without ever having to pick up a single brush.

Here are five easy ways that don’t involve paint to update your interior color scheme and introduce new tones in your rooms to completely redefine the space:

Start with Floors

Never underestimate the transforming ability of an area rug. Area rugs are easy to find, come in multiples shapes and sizes, and can be used in virtually any floor application. If you really want to command attention, choose a monochromatic rug in a bright or jewel tone that complements other features in the space, or use it as a base to introduce an entirely new shade. Not only will you not have to repaint your room, but you’ll also avoid having to lay down carpet in your design.


Throw Some Color Around (Literally)

Throw pillows are versatile home accessories that quickly liven up your existing color scheme without the need of several paint gallons. Look around your current layout to determine if there’s a tone you want to emphasize in the room and select complementing blankets and pillows. Or, select throws in fresh and different hues to give the entire interior a full palette makeover. The best part of using throw accents is that they not only change up the color in a room, but they also add a layer of visual texture to your home as well.

Click here for some helpful tips on arranging throw pillows.


Tables, Shelving, and Counters

There are countless ways to reinvigorate the color patterns within your interiors using the surfaces in your home. Think table lamps, sculptures, candles, and other decorative pieces. Have a subdued home design that you’d like to liven up? Choose items in vibrant reds, teals, and golds to brighten the room up without overpowering the space. Or maybe you have a design that is already bold, and you’re looking for a color scheme that refines and anchors your layout. Opt for navy, burgundy, or other deep tones to create visual balance. A simple bowl on your kitchen table filled with a mix of colorful accents can serve as all the inspiration you’ll need to continue your new theme throughout your design.



When you look around at your home furnishings, do you feel overwhelmed in a sea of varying browns? It’s common for homeowners who opt for more classic pieces. Get out of your leather and wood furnishings rut and visually mix things up by introducing colored furniture into your living spaces. Today’s pieces come in multiple colors, shapes, styles, and patterns, making it easy to add a different palette to a specific area. A few large pieces in a single eye-catching shade can serve as a base for other accents with a coordinating tone. However, including several smaller furnishings in a unique shade instantly establishes your palette and may even provide a focal point as well.


Use Your Walls

Just because you don’t want to paint your walls, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them to your advantage when updating your interior. Let someone else do the painting for you by choosing wall art that showcases some of the new shades you’d like to integrate into a specific space. If wall art isn’t your thing, you can also hang patterned tapestries, mosaic pieces, and even mirrors in brightly colored frames to revitalize an area without overpowering a space.

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