Three Ways to Stage Your Outdoor Spaces to Sell

When home staging Loveland properties, it’s easy to get caught up on redefining the interiors of your house only. We can spend countless hours decluttering counter spaces, rearranging our furniture, and eliminating our personal items from the rooms to captivate attention from potential buyers. Yes, buyers do enjoy a beautiful kitchen, spacious living areas, and functional rooms. However, most people viewing your home will also be paying attention to your yard, beds, and gardens, making your outdoor spaces equally important in the home staging process.

Three Ways to Help Your Home Exterior Stand Out to Buyers

Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects when it comes to showing a home. Typically, your exterior spaces will be the first (and last) things potential buyers see when viewing the property. When getting yourself in the mindset of a potential buyer as you begin to assess outside staging, consider three main factors:

Clean It Up

Before you can begin staging, you should first launch the process with a thorough cleaning. Your outdoor space (and the current season) may influence the cleaning process. Sweep leaves and debris off your porch, patio, or deck, power wash your siding, wash the windows, maintain your lawn, and give the yard a thorough raking to eliminate falling twigs, leaves, and branches.

Next, stow away any toys, tools, and lawn care equipment that may be lying around as well as any extension cords, tarps, gardening tools, and hoses that have been forgotten about since last season. Potential buyers will want to envision themselves (and their stuff) in your outdoor space. Backyard clutter may instantly make them assume your property has insufficient storage. Removing any unnecessary items from the yard will reinforce the fact that their belongings can also be properly stored away when not in use.

Spruce It Up

Once you’ve cleaned up, it’s time to focus on some of the smaller (but still important) details you may have been neglecting. Start with any needed paint on the shutters, doors, or windowpanes. Next, go around the exterior checking light bulbs, changing any that need replacing in outdoor lighting fixtures to ensure they are functional when potential buyers come to see the house at night.

If it’s the right time of year, you may want to plant new grass seed or install new sod so the yard is bright green and healthy looking. Weed and mulch the beds, redefining their borders by lining them with stone or small garden fences. Trim hedges and bushes neatly, and cut back overgrown tree branches, especially if they encroach on other plantings or touch the house. You want everything to look as well groomed as possible.

Liven It Up

With everything cleaned and spruced, it’s time to freshen up the appearance and make your outdoor space as visually compelling and appealing to buyers as possible (aka the fun part, in our opinion).

Invest in some quality patio furniture to stage, including tables, comfortable seating, outdoor area rugs, and even a fire pit to make the space feel like an additional, outdoor living area – a bonus for potential buyers who enjoy spending time outside. Also, use furniture to create distinct spaces such as an eating area, a lounging area, a play area, etc. Doing this will help potential buyers envision their family spending time out there.

If there aren’t already lights, make sure all outdoor areas, including the front of the home, are well lit in case buyers drive by to see the house at night. Antique lanterns, for example, placed on steps leading up to the front door, or hung from your home’s exterior walls, can create a pleasant ambiance.

In sparse areas, plant new shrubs and don’t hold back when it comes to flowers. A full, aesthetically appealing garden will go a long way. Hanging flower baskets and window boxes are other great options to make the space feel welcoming and well cared for.

Decorate where you can with welcome mats, door wreaths to coordinate with the season. If one particular area of your outdoor space gets a lot of sun, consider an umbrella or pergola. There’s no need to go overboard with the decor, but every little detail makes a difference in a potential buyer’s perception of your home to keep you moving forward to a final sale.

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