Seven Tips To a More Sustainable (and Stylish) Interior Design

Going green has proven to be far more than just a passing trend. Our growing awareness of our impact on the environment has even begun to influence our home decor. Loveland interior designers are always working to find new ways to decorate the home using green materials that are both beautiful and eco-friendly, proving that sustainable style is not an oxymoron. Knowing a few pro tips can help you revamp your interiors, using environmentally conscious products and techniques to create a gorgeous, sustainable interior design.

Paint Color Choice

Choosing a light new paint color is a favorite, eco-friendly choice for home interiors. Walls painted with a lighter color scheme often reflect more natural light. As a result, you may actually notice a reduction in your energy usage. Additionally, you can also select paint from a company that uses less abrasive chemicals and more natural compounds for a product that is better for the environment as well as for those living inside your home.

Update Lighting Options

Your lighting design can have a major impact on how much energy is used (and wasted) throughout your home interiors. Install LED light bulbs throughout your house to optimize energy conservation in all of your living spaces. Additionally, you can also add dimmers to recess lighting to further reduce energy usage. Finally, adding timers and motion sensors to your lighting products can also help you and your family promote more sustainable, eco-friendly habits when at home.

Furniture Selection

Furnishings offer another opportunity to promote a sustainable interior design in your home. Consult with reputable local interior designers to find companies that use eco-friendly manufacturing methods as well as green and recycled materials in the pieces themselves. Also, purchasing high-quality, long-lasting pieces can help save on the number of trees and other resources needed to continuously build new furniture.

Window Treatments

Windows are one of the biggest sources of wasted energy in any home, particularly in older houses where structural compromises allow hot or cold air to escape. One simple way to conserve on wasted energy is with window treatments. Using longer curtains and drapes over your windows creates a barrier that helps regulate appropriate temperatures throughout the space. Once again, you may actually notice a savings on your utility bills as you design interior spaces that feel more seasonably comfortable.

For an added layer of energy conservation, include blinds as the background for your window treatments. Shades allow you to control how much sunlight you’ll let into the space as well as strategically add insulation that can further reduce HVAC energy usage. Once you’ve installed your blinds, select complementing materials for your drapes to deliver visual texture that completes the window treatment.

Upgrade Appliances

Older appliances often waste copious amounts of energy simply due to their outdated, inefficient designs. Newer Energy Star appliances will convey a modern look in the home and provide better energy efficiency. Work with a professional interior designer to select energy-saving washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens that both conserve natural resources and complement your surrounding d├ęcor for the ultimate sustainable and stylish win/win.

Smart Technology

Adding eco-friendly technology to the home can also promote sustainable and stylish final design. A great place to begin introducing smart technology in your home is with your thermostat. Look for a product that offers an intelligent solution to automated heating and cooling. Some leading-market models tout a sleek design that seamlessly integrates with other smart products as well as coordinates with the other furnishings and fixtures in your home.

Hire a Professional Interior Designer

One of the best ways to ensure your design choices for the home are sustainable is to hire a professional interior designer. A professional, experienced interior design team will have extensive insight into the latest techniques and practices when choosing the materials, furniture, and equipment for your living spaces. Your preferred provider will partner with you to not only understand your style and preferences, but also to help you find the right pieces that are toxin-free, improve indoor air quality, and boost energy efficiency.

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