Summertime Staging Tips to Help Move Your Home Fast


Summer is here – and for Colorado locals that means warm weather, longer days, and the perfect season to list your Loveland home. It’s no secret that summer is typically the most popular time to list a home, making the competition especially fierce. If you’re looking to move your property quickly, it’s critical to utilize Loveland home staging services and tips explicitly designed for summer selling to help your home stand apart from the others on the market. Some effective seasonal staging suggestions include:


Kick It Curbside


Don’t underestimate the power curb appeal has when selling your home. Many would-be buyers will first do a drive-by of your property to see if it’s worthy of a full-fledged tour. Some relatively easy ways to boost your home’s exterior beauty include mowing the lawn, power washing hardscapes, and giving all of your windows a thorough cleaning. If you want to bring the curb appeal up a notch, you may also want to consider adding a fresh layer of pavement to your driveway, touching up your outside trim, and planting blooming flowers in your outer beds and gardens. You should also consider eliminating any yard clutter such as gardening equipment and outdoor toys to give the grounds a neat and organized look. Finally, give your front door a fresh coat of paint to compel people driving by your home to pull into the driveway for a closer look.

Make Your Outdoor Living Spaces Livable

Buyers checking out your home during the summer months will typically prioritize outdoor living spaces. Make it as easy as possible for them to envision themselves playing, entertaining, and relaxing outside. Stage all of your outdoor spaces, such as patios, pools, outdoor kitchens and barbecues, and even attached decks, so viewers can truly understand just how much these areas will enrich their home lives.

Address Needed Repairs

A well loved home often has at least a few necessary repairs to address before it’s staged and ready to list. Neglecting broken and damaged features can quickly distract buyers, taking their attention away from the more positive components of your home. Outside, you’ll want to assess some of your home’s most prominent features, looking for things like peeling roof tiles, damaged siding, or even cracked windows. Inside, you’ll also need to conduct a thorough evaluation of your interiors to designate needed repairs as well. What is the best part of restoring various features in your home? Fixing things now may actually result in a higher sale price at closing.

Keep Guests Comfortable

Summertime is a gorgeous time of year in Colorado. However, it can also be exceptionally hot. An uncomfortably warm home can make potential buyers unlikely to want to spend adequate time checking out your property. If you have a central air unit, be sure to keep it on during a viewing or open house so guests feel cool and relaxed. If you don’t have air conditioning available, you should seek out alternative ways to keep your interiors comfortable. Turn on your ceiling fans, keep unneeded lights off, and always draw blinds in between showings to keep the heat out.

Neutralize Your Interiors

Yes, you’ll want to use bright, vibrant fixtures and furniture in your outdoor living spaces to capture the drive-by attention of buyers. However, inside your home you’ll want to bring things down a notch on all of your larger surfaces, opting for soft, soothing neutrals over bright and excessively vibrant tones. Remember, neutral doesn’t have to mean white and off-white. There’s an entire palette of rich chocolates, grays, and blues that can neutralize your interiors, yet still add visual interest to your space.

Reflect the Season

Once you’ve toned down the colors on your walls and large furnishings, you can absolutely feel free to liven up your spaces using accents and smaller pieces throughout the rooms. Whenever possible, include items that reflect the spirit of the summer season. Accent pillows in floral prints and patterns, fresh flowers in vases, and throw rugs in jewel tones are easy ways to make the room feel summery and inviting to any potential buyers, ultimately helping it to stand out from others on the market.

Are you listing your Loveland home this summer? Niche Design House’s professional staging services can transform your living spaces to appeal to buyers and encourage a faster sale. Contact us today to hear more.