Staging Your Home: Using Home Staging Services to Expedite The Sale

Staging your home is a key part in the selling process. No matter what the temperature of the real estate market, selling a home is stressful. Keeping your house in show-ready shape, being ready to vacate the premises for a viewing at a moments notice, and waiting for the right offer to come in for weeks (or even months) at a time can have everyone in your house on edge.

Typically, buyers are most interested in the first few weeks after listing, making it critical to have it sellable right from the start. Knowing a few insider tips can help expedite the process, enabling you to go from open house to close date as quickly as possible. Before listing your property, consider:


Using Professional Services for Staging Your Home

In today’s digital real estate world where first impressions are everything, home staging services aren’t just a great option – they’re a must. A professional home staging service will have a completely objective view of your property. Your selected provider will carefully work through each room of your house from a buyer’s perspective, highlighting the biggest interior and exterior selling points and strategically softening some of the flaws. When your home staging crew is done, your property will be both photo and buyer ready.

Storage Options

When getting your house ready to sell, less is always more. The professional staging your home will generally work through each room, eliminating unnecessary pieces and decluttering every space. Your stager may even go through your closets, which are a major selling point for buyers and should be organized to look as spacious as possible. Even if you don’t work with a professional stager, consider renting a storage unit while your property is on the market. It’s the perfect way to conveniently store the items you won’t need without having to cram everything into cupboards and cabinets.


Eliminate Personal Items

If you decide to manage the home staging process on your own, start by removing really obvious personal items from your space. Potential buyers viewing your home should be able to imagine themselves living there. Consider even eliminating photographs, personal artwork, and various memorabilia so buyers can focus on your home’s biggest features and see the potential your house offers their belongings.


home staging and preparing your home to sellCurb Appeal

Your property exterior may be your only opportunity to make a lasting impression on buyers, making curb appeal vital to the selling process. Mow the lawn, rake the leaves, trim the shrubs, and ensure your yard stays in tiptop shape while on the market. You might also want to consider power washing the house and painting the shutters to brighten and freshen everything up.


Interior Lighting

Who wants to buy a home that feels dark and gloomy? Brighten up as many spaces as you can by leveraging both natural and artificial light. Go through your rooms and see where you can up the bulb wattage in your fixtures to instantly increase visibility. Additionally, whenever you have to leave for a showing, take a moment to open your curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible.


Small Projects

Many homeowners assume they’ll have to undertake major house renovations to get their property ready for sale. That’s not always true. Little projects are inexpensive, easy to complete, and can ultimately deliver a significant return on investment. Focus on the kitchen and bathroom, as these rooms often command the most attention from buyers and generally offer the biggest bang for your buck.



Most people realize that location plays a big role in how fast a house will sell; however, the time of year can also influence how motivated buyers are as well. According to Zillow, March and April are the best months to list your home. A 2016 study revealed that not only can you expect to sell your home faster if you can wait until then, but you could also sell it at a higher price.


Get The Word Out

Yes, your real estate agent will pull out all the stops when marketing your home to reach the widest audience possible. However, you can give your realtor a hand by posting your listing on all of your social media pages. Someone in your personal network could have a friend, coworker, or family member looking to relocate, instantly expediting your sale. Once you post, ask your social media contacts to post and reshare to gain us much online traction as possible.

Niche Design House offers professional home staging for properties of every size and scope. Need help staging your home to sell? Contact us today to a project consultation on your home.