Seamlessly Staging Luxury Homes in Six Easy Steps

Many people assume that their Loveland luxury home will sell itself as soon as it’s put on the market. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. While the local housing market is thriving, even the most beautiful and well-appointed houses still have to do everything possible to command buyer attention. What is one of the best ways to ensure luxury properties stand out? Staging luxury homes with the help of a Loveland home staging professional can make a powerful difference.


Professional Staging Helps Your Luxury Home Stand Out


Utilizing a professional home staging firm can instantly help your luxury home edge out competing properties on the market. Understanding a few of the vital tips and suggestions that an experienced Loveland home staging company will offer can help you decide if the service makes sense for your home.

Some of the many things your chosen staging partner may suggest for your Loveland luxury home may include:


Toning Down The Wall Tones

Yes, you adore your scarlet kitchen and midnight blue master bedroom. However, vibrant hues can instantly deter buyers who have furnishings and fixtures that don’t work with the current color scheme of your house. Your stager will often suggest a more neutral palette throughout the home. For open floor concepts, consider using a single color with various accent walls to really tie every space together.


Stage All Of Your Spaces

Some homeowners opt to stage only a few living spaces. However, when staging luxury homes with hefty price tags, staging every room is essential to keep the sale momentum moving forward. Your potential high-end home buyers are entering the process with potentially high-end expectations, making it vital not to disappoint them with lackluster rooms.


Brighten Up Your Rooms

Just because your walls are neutral doesn’t mean the rest of the interior design has to be. Luxury homebuyers want to enter rooms that feel bright and airy. Your stager will select furnishings and fixtures that complement the surrounding décor and breathe life into areas that may be showing signs of neglect. Updated light bulbs, new wall hangings, and even updated draperies can quickly refresh an entire space.

Highlight All Luxury Features

One of the biggest distinctions between luxury homes and other properties is the class and type of amenities found throughout the house. Many of these high-end homes offer a variety of features that aren’t often found in other houses, making it essential to showcase these distinctions as often as possible to buyers. Bonus rooms, home movie theaters, outdoor entertaining areas, and any other unique spaces should receive special attention during the staging process to guarantee they stand out during open houses and buyer viewings.

Introduce The Right Smells

Yes, really. Many people selling their home are surprised to learn that one of the first things that compel (or repel) buyers is the way the house smells. Smell is a very subjective element. Fragrances that you love can quickly repulse someone else. A prospective buyer does not want to imagine eliminating unsavory odors after the close date, so any lingering signature scents must be eliminated before the first open house. Your professional stager will work with you to develop a plan that removes current scents and introduces more universal smells (think clean, fresh, linen) that are inviting without overwhelming. It’s important to remember that moderation is key; opt for just a few light sprays or a candle or two.


Target Your Specific Buyer Demographic

Every luxury home has various features that make it more appealing to certain buying demographics. Your staging expert will carefully assess your property to determine whom it will resonate with most. Singles, couples, families, and empty nesters – every audience will value certain features and amenities more than others in your home. Where you live can also impact what type of buyer you should stage for in the selling process. For example, a house on a cul-de-sac is more likely to appeal to families, whereas proximity to a bustling downtown may be more attractive to singles and couples. A staging expert can prominently display your home’s biggest selling points to ensure buyers can easily envision themselves and their belongings in your house.


Staging luxury homes and properties in every price range is a service Niche Design House is proud to offer to the Loveland area. Contact us today to hear more today.