Sprucing Up Your House for the Holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas

The holiday season is quickly approaching, creating an urgency to get your home ready for welcoming family and friends. Besides regular vacuuming and dusting, here are some quick tips to help you spruce up your house for the holidays. By following a few organizing ideas, you will be able to prepare your home quickly and efficiently and create a beautiful canvas for holiday decorations.

Furniture And Floors

Having holiday guests coming to your home provides an excellent excuse to invest in new furniture or to spruce up your existing pieces. A coat of paint, new hardware, table décor, and accent pillows allow you to transform the look of furniture without spending on replacing what you already have. Sometimes, simply rearranging furniture will liven up the space and accommodate any number of guests.

You should also consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. Carpet that is free of stains provides a fresh, new look that will complement any furniture you have in your home. Polishing hardwood floors can also bring new life to a room and create a beautiful foundation for holiday celebrations.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Forthcoming holiday events can also provide the motivation needed to repaint dull or outdated walls. Paint can be an overlooked element of an existing design scheme, but it has the potential to make quite an impact. Painting your kitchen, living or dining room walls can take time, but it can transform the look and feel of your space. Before you put up your Christmas tree and pull out boxes of Christmas decorations, consider putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls to spruce up your home and create a beautiful background for those unique holiday decorations.


Simple Things

Sometimes simple touches make the biggest difference. A room does not need to transform into Santa’s workshop or a winter wonderland to deliver the holiday spirit. Simple decorative touches can create that warm holiday feel without overpowering the space. Placing festive wreaths on doors, cute bright mats in the kitchen, or creating a holiday floral arrangement for the center of a table are great ways to subtly add life to a room. Dressing up the mantle with a combination of family photos, candles, and holiday decorations will allow you to effortlessly integrate the holidays into the existing décor of your home.


Guest Rooms

Take the time to prepare guest rooms for family. A welcoming room that has been dusted and a bed made up with fresh linens, cozy blankets, and fluffed pillows will provide an inviting way to receive your guests. Be sure to prepare well in advance so that you are able to dedicate more of your time to prepare for holiday dinners and events.

Garden And Outdoors

Sprucing up your home for the holidays does not only apply for the rooms within your home. Outdoor areas will need some attention as well. Cold winter months and leaf-less trees will take away from the beauty of a yard. But by investing time into cleaning your yard, you can enhance outdoor spaces. Sweep away piles of dust, clear off any remaining cobwebs from the summer months, and clean up piles of leaves to create a better first impression of your home. Christmas lights and outdoor decorations can add significant cheer to welcome family and friends.

Organize And Prepare

Make a list of the items you already have and those you still need for holiday events. This will help you avoid at least some of the unavoidable holiday stress. The best way to ensure that you are able to enjoy the holidays is to invest time in preparing for them. Check to make sure that you have the necessary amount of dishes, glassware, and silverware along with the necessary kitchen supplies to accommodate food dishes. Early November is a great time to check inventory of holiday decorations and any party hosting supplies you have. This provides you plenty of time to gather anything you may need. Preparation will be a key factor in helping you to spruce up your house for the holidays without stress and frustration.

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