Spring Color Palettes You Will Love

Spring is (finally!) in the air. As we start to get outside and enjoy the warm, seasonal sunshine, it’s natural to want to bring a piece of it inside our homes. Many people use this season not only for spring cleaning but also as the perfect excuse to redecorate their homes and introduce a lively new color palette to their living spaces. Now is an ideal time to recreate everything blooming and flourishing outside your window inside the house. As you begin to envision an update layout and experiment with your new décor, you may want to include a few of these amazing spring color palettes in your final interior look.

Muted Greens

When you think spring, one of the first colors that likely come to mind is green – it’s literally one of the first visible signs we have that winter is finally over. While emerald and Kelly shades are gorgeous and perfect for any season, try something a little subtler with your seasonal interior design. Muted tones like sage, pistachio, and mint create a calming, inviting vibe and can be layered in a multitude of creative ways to bring depth and dimension to your space.

Purple and Blue

Robin’s egg blue is a classic spring color. Traditionally, it’s often paired with chocolate brown or pink. However, when used with purple, Robin’s egg blue takes on a whole new look. Deep violet and Robin’s egg blue create a bold, engaging feel.


Pretty in Pink

Pink is no longer reserved only for feminine spaces. Its soft, lovely, universal appeal makes it a perfect solution in virtually any room. Choose a tone that’s just south of bubblegum to make it age appropriate for adults and pair it with a pale green to capture the shades of a springtime bloom.


Yellow, White, and Green

Think about a spring field. The colors you’re most likely to see are yellow, white, and green. Use canary, white, and Kelly green to bring the meadow indoors. White helps tone down the bright green and yellow, while the two bold colors add a visual burst that breathe new life into your space.

Neutral Shades

If you’re looking for spring tones that also work well all year long, try neutral shades like pear green and sandy shades such as taupe. Remember, greens can make creams look more yellow, so choose your taupe carefully. Add a third, brighter color as an accent touch throughout the room.


Calming Yellow and Green

Nothing screams spring décor quite like daffodil yellow – it’s practically a must at this time of year. A bright yellow pairs beautifully with mint green. Too much yellow may be overpowering on walls or furniture, but makes a delightful accent color when matched with the softer, gentler green shade.

Teal and Salmon Pink

These two colors work surprisingly well together. Teal often conjures up summertime imagery. However, when paired with salmon, teal instantly takes on a more springtime feel. Of course, there is such as thing as too much salmon. Use teal as your primary color and incorporate salmon as an accent shade.


Jade and Blue

Many people avoid jade due to its potentially intense yellow undertones, but when paired with blue, it takes on a more lime green tone, making it a perfect choice for spring. For an added touch of elegance, use Tiffany blue and include lilac or pink decorative touches.

Purple and Yellow

Think lilac and butter – what could possibly feel more like spring than that? This color combination offers a classic season pairing for wall hangings, decorative pillows, and even floral arrangements. Want to put a fresh spin on this traditional look? Use complementary colors in the space to add another burst of color.


Raspberry and Celery

This is another unexpected color combination that delivers visual interest throughout an interior space. Celery is a lovely spring shade that works well in an adult space. Although the bright shade of raspberry is more commonly used in kids’ rooms, using it as an accent color with celery adds a lovely punch of color.

Bold and Bright

Hot pink roses are in demand for spring weddings. While it may be overpowering on its own, when used with artichoke or olive green, it provides a beautiful splash of color and depth. Be sure to keep your space balanced between the bright pink and darker greens.

Pastels, jewel tones, bold shades and everything in between – there’s virtually no limit on gorgeous spring color palettes to include in your interior design to freshen up your favorite living spaces.

Need help deciding on the best colors to bring into your home or want more advice on interior design, check out our blog or contact us to get the help of a professional designer.