Think Outside The Mirror: 8 Essential Small Space Home Furnishings

When designing a Loveland interior, many components influence the final look. However, when it comes to defining smaller spaces, success often comes down to picking the right small space home furnishings. Whether you’re building a new home, moving to an existing property, or just want to update your current interiors to feel more spacious, visiting a quality Loveland furniture store and purchasing the right home furnishings can make all the difference in more conservatively sized rooms and spaces.


The Right Home Furnishings Can Redefine Rooms Of Any Size

Best of all, decorating a petite interior means so much more than hanging mirrors in the room. Make no mistake; strategically placed mirrors are a classic small-space accent for a reason – they work. Putting a mirror in a tight space instantly makes the entire room look and feel bigger. However, there are countless other ways to go beyond the mirrors, focusing in on a few other vital home furnishing staples that can help create a cohesive, final interior design that you’ll love.


Most people assume they must choose the biggest shelving unit they can to make a space as functional as possible. Not true. Forget big, unwieldy wooden shelves; select smaller cubby-like designs that can be installed horizontally or vertically on your walls. Place these units in various configurations in your rooms to customize the final layout.


Pot Racks

Just because a kitchen is small doesn’t mean it has to be ill-equipped or nonfunctional. Don’t waste valuable storage real estate cramming all of your pots and pans into your cabinets and drawers. Invest in a compact pot rack that can be hung on your wall, so you have all your most heavily utilized cookware waiting right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Pedestal Tables

Struggling to find a table that will work in your small eating areas? Consider a pedestal table. The round edges of a pedestal table are more forgiving in tighter spots, allowing for more leg space and wiggle room than its traditional square and rectangular counterparts.


Don’t have room for a full-sized sofa? You can still work visual magic with a beautifully styled settee. By definition, a settee is essentially a small sofa that typically seats two. Much like a sofa, a settee can come in a virtually endless selection of looks and styles. Choose a bold or bright design to command attention in your room and serve as the focal point of the space.

Club Chairs

Traditional loveseats and bulky armchairs can instantly devour what little floor space you may have in any given room. Fortunately, compact living does not mean you have to give up having inviting and cozy sitting areas in your home. When choosing your small space home furnishings, forego bigger chairs and loungers in favor of more petite club chairs. These chairs have a smaller profile, yet still offer visual design appeal and cushy comfort.

Stylish Stools

Worried that even club chairs will prove too big for your room? Not to worry; an assortment of trendy stools can offer an ideal solution when looking for furniture for your small space. Stools come in a multitude of colors, heights, finishes, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect chairs for your interior layout. You can even opt to stack unused stools together and out of the way until they’re needed to optimize available space.


Benches can be used virtually anywhere, delivering invaluable versatility. Tuck backless benches under your petite dining table so they don’t take up unnecessary space when they aren’t in use or place along an empty wall to serve as extra seating that can quickly be moved around the home as needed. You can even use a bench as a slender coffee table.

Pop Up Coffee Table

Speaking of coffee tables, if you do decide you have room for one, you may want to consider a pop-up design. Pop up coffee tables have a secret panel that rises to reveal hidden storage space. Additionally, the pop-up panels can also be used as a desk or tabletop to enhance overall function, both of the piece and the surrounding space.


Find the Perfect Small Space Home Furnishings

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