Selling Your Home? 3 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs Staging Services

Successfully selling your home often requires a conscious and proactive effort to up your property’s mass-marketing appeal. Like most homeowners, you’ll probably start with a must-do checklist that includes decluttering, deep cleaning every surface, and repairing some of the features that are beginning to show signs of wear and tear. At some point, you and your realtor will probably discuss home staging services in Loveland as a possible resource to help move your residence as quickly as possible.

Many homeowners initially feel like a professional stager is just an added and unnecessary layer in an already complicated selling process. However, in a globally connected real estate market, home staging services aren’t just a bonus, they are often a must to keep your property firmly planted on the radar of interested (and often fickle) buyers. Home staging experts can quickly eliminate the guesswork about what resonates with your local audience and create a plan that optimizes visual appeal throughout your interiors to help move your residence as fast as possible.

Still not sure if staging makes sense for your property? Before you decide that you don’t need professional staging, check out three telltale signs that you do.

An Empty Space

Many sellers think that an empty house is the only way to go when listing the property. They assume that a blank interior canvas allows prospective buyers a chance to envision the home’s potential without an existing design cramping their creative style. While less is definitely more when selling your home, an empty space can lack appeal and fail to demonstrate what your interior truly is capable of achieving. By hiring a staging professional, you have instant access to a team that can put the right furniture in your interiors to optimize visual impact, highlight essential features in each room, and appeal to a larger demographic of homebuyers.

Little (To No) Online Interest

The Internet has forever changed the landscape of buying and selling real estate. More often than not, potential buyers will go online first to check out listed properties to see if any are worth viewing in-person, making your posted digital photos a vital component to your sale. If you have listed your home on the local market and are seeing little to no interest, consider how well your property is represented in your online images.

You may have a spacious three-bedroom, two-bath residence with attached garage and above builder grade features. However, if your kitchen is overly cluttered or your living room is furnished with unappealing, dated pieces, individuals searching for a new residence will likely click past your property onto another house listed for sale in your area.

Professional home stagers recognize how important digital photos are when selling your home. They will take the time to carefully arrange your furniture and accents in a way that stand out in pictures to help your home grab online attention and compel buyers to schedule an in-person viewing.

No (Viable) Offers

Maybe you’ve already had multiple showings within your home, but have yet to receive an offer. Or, maybe you have received offers, but they’ve all been significantly below your asking price. Before you decide to drop your price, you should consult with a staging expert. A stager will quickly be able to determine if you’ve optimized the biggest selling features in your home and are resonating with current buyer needs. For example, if you live in a family-friendly neighborhood, your residence should feel warm and welcoming to buyers with children. Likewise, if you’re in a neighborhood that’s close to downtown restaurants, shops, and amenities, you may want your setup to feel inviting to singles and couples.

If your interior is missing the mark, your staging expert will work with you to create a plan that enhances visual impact throughout every space. A quality stager will know how to set up your house so that it appeals to the local demographic and generates plenty of buyer buzz. When done properly, the staging process can help not only motivate buyers to make a viable offer on your home, but may even earn multiple bids on your property to incite a bidding war.

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