Refresh Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and for many of us here in the Loveland region, that means transforming our yards into outdoor living spaces. The warm weather and longer days grant us an invaluable opportunity to spend as much time as possible outside, making it essential to furnish our exteriors and get them ready for the season. Of course, creating beautiful and functional spaces for any area of your home requires far more than a trip to your local Loveland quality furniture store (although, that definitely helps). To truly optimize the use of your home exteriors, it’s important to do some preliminary cleaning and prepping.


Here are eight ways to get your property summer ready so you can fully enjoy your backyard sanctuary all season long.


Wash Hardscapes


Many people assume that sweeping should only be relegated to interior living spaces. Not true. Don’t underestimate just how much of an impact sweeping can make to your outdoor spaces. Even a quick, simple sweep can revitalize your outdoor spaces after their long winter’s nap. Not entirely confident that your broom alone will be up to the task? Consider power washing your surfaces, including your patios, walkways, and deck to make these exterior spaces look brand new.













Clean Railings


The railings along the outside of your home can amass copious amounts of dirt, grime, and even pollen throughout the winter and spring months. Give these outdoor fixtures a little TLC by giving them a thorough washing as soon as the weather permits.


Use Outdoor Rugs


Don’t underestimate the many benefits offered from using an outdoor rug in your exterior spaces. Yes, outdoor carpets come in a diverse assortment of colors, styles, patterns, and materials that can beautify and redefine the design. However, these accents offer so much more than mere visual appeal. An exterior carpet can also protect your exterior surfaces, cover up damage or blemishes on your patios or walkways, and even provide a padded surface for any of your guests that prefer to spend their time outdoors without shoes.


Scrub Up the Furniture


Yes, you’ll want to plan a trip to your local furniture store to add new pieces for the season – after you clean up and assess the condition of the furnishings you currently own. No one wants to relax on outdoor furniture covered in a layer of dirt, dust, and pollen. Use a spray cleaner and stiff-bristled brush (or a hose if you’re fighting against particularly stubborn grime) to systematically get your items sparkling and ready for your next outdoor event.


Consider Plants


Many people are so focused on their beds and gardens that they completely overlook the value of using outdoor flowerpots and planters in their exterior designs. Potted flowers and plants can add a burst of color to your green spaces, instantly brightening up an outdoor living area. Use different plant species of varying heights as accents on your patios to add an extra layer of interest to your design. Worried that you don’t have the green thumb needed to care for your plants properly? Forego live options in favor of a few realistic faux plants to enjoy all of the visual impact with none of the maintenance needs.


Breathe New Life With Paint


Still like the shape and general style of some of your outdoor pieces, but are longing for an updated color theme throughout your exterior? Choose an outdoor spray-paint product to breathe new life into some of your existing fixtures. Planters, chairs, and tables can easily be refreshed at a fraction of the cost of buying new. For a more sophisticated final look, consider using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on anything from furniture to accent pieces like pillows and cushions.


String Up the Lights


You’ve cleaned, you’ve swept, you’ve power washed – it’s officially time to add a few finishing touches to your outdoor living spaces. Hang strings of lights anywhere you’d like to add a bit of whimsy and romance. Overhead, in your ornamental planters, or even around your newly cleaned railings – there are countless ways and places to use string lights to up the magic factor throughout your outdoor sanctuaries.