End-To-End Project Management Services

Larger design projects can be a major creative undertaking full of moving parts and unexpected hiccups. The style and layout of your work space have to be more than merely eye-catching; they also have to optimize efficiency, functionality, and make your brand the main attraction. Don't waste precious time coordinating and overseeing everything that goes into a successful commercial design project. Partner with Niche Design House. Niche Design House offers results-driven design project management services for business owners throughout Northern Colorado.

Trust Your Commercial Interior Design Project To Niche Design House

Since 2008, Niche Design House has delivered innovative and effective design project management services to create corporate spaces that invite, inspire, and influence. Our team of professional project managers knows how to blend the art and science of interior design. We coordinate all the details of your corporate renovation to breathe life into your creative vision, yet still keep a steady eye on your bottom line.

Niche Design House delivers an impressive range of benefits, including:

End-To-End Solutions

End-To-End Solutions

Niche Design House is a full-service interior design firm. This means we do it all. Resourcing materials, hiring contractors, managing deliveries - Niche Design House is your one-stop solution for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Time Management & Budgeting

At Niche Design House, we know that time is money. We oversee every order, manage tradespeople, and proactively troubleshoot issues as they happen. Our designers have the experience and insight needed to keep your project moving forward, on time and on budget.

Brand Management

We don't just offer time management; we also offer vital brand management strategies throughout the design process. Niche Design House partners with our clients to understand your specific brand goals and expectations. We create customized solutions that help you hit your marketing targets and keep your brand on your consumers' radar whenever they visit your office.


At Niche Design House, we know that the ergonomics of your corporate space matters. We make optimizing functionality, comfort, and convenience a top priority on every project we manage. Your assigned PM will work with you to understand the purpose of each room to create a finalized layout that maximizes flow and balance.

A Personalized Project Management Approach

Niche Design House personalizes every project management approach to suit the needs, style, and vision of each client. We set clear goals and deliverables...and achieve them. Our meticulous attention to detail, coupled with our agile suite of services, ensures Niche Design House clients receive a perfect design fit every time.

Are you ready to experience the Niche Design House difference for yourself? Contact our professional design team to hear more about our innovative design project management capabilities.