Home Staging Tips from a Professional Home Staging Company

If you’re considering selling your property, you probably realize staging your home is a must. You’re likely ready for professional home staging tips, or staging help from a professional Loveland home staging company.

In today’s highly competitive residential real estate market, it’s crucial to get your house “sale-ready” to minimize how long it takes to sell. Home staging goes beyond basic cleanup and furniture moving (although, it does that too). When done properly, it beautifies both the interior and exterior of your property, thoroughly preparing your house to appeal to the highest number of prospective buyers as possible.


Checklist: Basic Home Staging Tips That Yield Results

Whether you’re managing the project yourself or hiring a professional staging team to coordinate the process for you, there are a few standard tips to consider for best results. Your essential staging checklist should include:


Boost Curb Appeal

Many homeowners are tempted to start by staging the interior of their homes. However, every potential buyer will see the outside of the property first, making it crucial to begin with exterior improvements. Power wash walkways, driveways, and siding to eliminate built-up grim. Mow and trim the lawn for a well-maintained look. Wash your front windows, plant flowers, and make your front porch as inviting as possible. Even simply putting down a new welcome mat at your front door can freshen up the space and encourage buyers to keep moving inside.


Go Neutral

Sure, you loved that bright orange shade you chose for the kitchen – but will it appeal to anyone else during an open house? Now is the time to tone things down with a neutral color palette. Remember, neutral does not mean just white. Beiges and grays create a classic color scheme that will match well with anything the new owners bring with them.


Deep Clean Interior

Dirty interior surfaces and crevices are a major turnoff for homebuyers. Floors, carpets, counters, cabinets, tiles, grout, glass – every surface you have inside your home should sparkle to ensure everyone walking through understands your home has been well cared for during your ownership.


Eliminate Clutter

Keep your newly deep-cleaned surfaces clear of clutter. Beyond surfaces like counters and tables, you’ll always want to go through cupboards, pantries, and cabinets to eliminate unnecessary items and make these features seem as spacious as possible.

Hide The Toys

Yes, you will likely have families looking at your home – but that isn’t a green light to leave the Legos and train sets strewn throughout the playroom. Gather up the toys and store them away neatly to demonstrate that an organized, kid-friendly home is possible.


Get Rid Of Pet Smells

Pet odors are a major issue when selling a home. If you have indoor pets, schedule a professional carpet cleaning to eliminate any residual smells that may deter buyers. Additionally, put all the pet toys and bones out of sight whenever you have a walkthrough scheduled.

Style Your Table

Let’s face it; most of us ignore our dining room table in between meals, leaving it looking bare and unwelcoming. However, our dining room table is often the focal point of the space, making it crucial to give it a little extra attention when we get ready to sell our home. Skip the giant flower bouquet. Instead, lay down a runner and lineup several smaller matching items down the center of the table to make it feel bigger and inviting.


Rearrange Furniture

Furniture arrangement can help you strike visual symmetry in your living spaces. Pull everything off the wall to create definition in the area. Coordinate pieces into designated seating and conversation spots to help people easily envision themselves relaxing in the home.


Purge Your Closets

Closet space is a significant selling point for homebuyers, so you’ll want to make yours look as roomy as possible. Go through every closet, eliminating unnecessary items to free up space for your open house visitors. Even if you have to rent storage space during the process, it’s worth it. Overcrowded closets can prove a deal breaker.


Offer Space Uses

Every home has awkward spaces and nooks – the home staging process provides a perfect opportunity to show potential buyers how to maximize the use and enjoyment of these areas. A workstation under the stairs, a window seat for a small reading nook, or even some built-in-shelving can immediately transform a space from awkward to awesome in the eyes of your buyer.


Get Professional Help from Loveland Home Stagers

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