Closets Count: Six Home Staging Tips to Optimize Your Storage Spaces

Potential homebuyers typically have a lengthy “must-have” checklist. However, one essential amenity often takes a top priority: closets. Storage spaces are an in-demand home feature. Buyers clamor for all manner of closets – linen, coat, walk-ins. It’s critical not to underestimate the importance of staging these storage spaces before you put your home on the market. Professional home staging services in Northern Colorado can help. An interior designer that specializes in staging solutions recognizes that, while most homeowners take great care in making their living areas pleasing to buyers, many skip their storage areas. Working with a qualified, experienced home staging provider can give you the insight needed to create beautiful closet spaces that appeal to the buying masses. Some of the many closet-staging tips your vendor may suggest include:

Thin Them Out

The first step to transforming these spaces during the home staging process is to thin them out. There’s no way around it – potential homebuyers will instantly notice when a closet is jam-packed. An overcrowded space can immediately make a buyer feel that the specific area they are viewing is too small. Additionally, even one crammed broom nook makes it seem like the general storage situation in the home is insufficient at best. Thin out what is inside each cubby of the house to optimize the perception of square footage while making every storage area seem larger. Homebuyers will see that there is room to spare and are more likely to feel that the closets will work well for their family. Worried you don’t have a place to put all your things if your home is on the market longer than you anticipated? Store unnecessary items at a friend’s house or rent a temporary storage unit to ensure you’ve purged as much as possible before your first showing.

Use Solid (Not Clear) Bins

Clear storage bins are often used in the home so that you can easily identify what is inside the box. However, see-through containers give potential homebuyers a way to view your personal belongings as well as make an area appear far more cluttered. Stage your closets using opaque storage bins in a soft, neutral color such as white or beige. These visually appealing containers organize your closets, keep items out of sight, and deliver a cohesive look.

Match Hangers (Yes, Really)

While you might not care if your hangers match, your potential buyer just may. Using matching hangers in your closet instantly creates an organized, streamlined look and ultimately demonstrates that you care for your home. To really boost the posh factor, opt for wooden and velvet hangers. If you prefer not to switch out all of your hangers, consider a single, solid color, such as white, to give the area a cohesive look.

Clear the Floor

Let’s face it; at one time or another, we’ve all had items strewn about on our closet floor. However, for home staging, the floor of the closet needs to be neat and tidy at all times. Whether you have a small closet or a large walk-in, find ways to organize and clean to keep the floors clear. Use boxes stored out of sight on higher shelves to eliminate most of the unsightly lower messes. Additionally, you can also leverage the power of a shoe organizer to maximize visual impact on your closet floor.

Color Coordinate

If you want to go a step further with your closet overhaul, consider color coordinating your wardrobe for the showings. Arrange your clothes by shade to instantly deliver a calm, relaxed vibe as soon as someone opens the door to the space. Beyond looking neat, sorting your items by color further showcases the potential that storage spot can offer buyers.


Closets can be dark, especially when small in size or when constructed with weird angles. Consider adding extra lighting to brighten up dark corners. You can easily install small lights that will light up the space, making it appear larger. Push lights can be added to the wall for an affordable price, easily highlighting what your closet has to offer.

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