7 Ways to Increase Small Bedroom Storage

Living in a small space can definitely be tough. This is especially true with a small bedroom, where finding storage options for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and all manner of personal belongings can prove challenging for even the most organized amongst us. Don’t let a tiny bedroom get the best of you. Here are a few simple tips to help you best utilize the space you have in this room where you’ll spend countless waking (as well as non-waking) hours.


Raised Bed

One of the best ways to add storage space in a small bedroom is to elevate the bed. Many people don’t realize that most bedframes can be lifted off the ground using risers, creating invaluable storage space beneath the bed to store a multitude of items. It’s important to note that the bed often serves as a focal point, making it critical to keep things as neat and visually appealing as possible. A Loveland home accessories store can offer storage options like decorative storage bins and baskets that serve as both a functional and fashionable item in the room. You can use these bins and baskets to store your off-season wardrobe, extra blankets, or bedding.

Bonus Tip: Avoid placing any items under the bed that you use often, or you will find yourself bending up and down to get what you need a lot.


Headboard Storage

Take your bed storage strategy one step further and opt for a headboard that doubles as a storage space. A headboard with shelving will provide a space for items such as books you like to read in bed, lighting, the alarm clock, etc. Keep the items on the shelves at a minimum or use small bins to keep the space neat and tidy.

Bench with Storage

If there is enough floor space in your bedroom, consider adding a tufted bench with a storage compartment at the end of your bed. This piece will serve several purposes. If you can find a bench that both offers storage and has underneath space, you can have two options for storage. First, you can place items that you’d like easy access to, such as blankets or shoes, inside the bench. Additionally, you can also add decorative bins or baskets underneath for additional storage space. Here, you will want to be sure to use something decorative because you will be able to see the front of the containers beneath your bench.


Go Up, Up, Up

Most homeowners often focus on floor space when brainstorming storage ideas. However, utilizing the wall space is a great way to add storage without taking up the already crowded floor in your bedroom. Hang decorative shelving on your wall and place items you wish to display or use decorative containers to store things you need in the space. Using shelving helps to remove the need for additional furniture in the room, which can also make the bedroom feel more spacious.


Organize Your Closet

Closet organization is important in any bedroom. However, closet organization in a tiny bedroom is a must. Keeping the closet organized not only frees up extra space for other items, but it also eliminates the stress and frustration of not being able to find what you need when you need it. For an exceptionally small closet, try using specialty hangers that can hang multiple garments on one hanger or even shelving to maximize square footage.

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger closet in your smaller bedroom, install a closet system to organize the space efficiently. Considering the space that you have to work with, devise a plan to have an optimal organization so you can get better usage out of your closet.

Here are some small closet organization ideas you may find helpful.


Inside the Closet Door

We’re not quite done with the closet yet. Most homeowners do not think about using the inside of the closet door for storage. There are several ways you can utilize this area. Add a shoetree to hold your extra shoes. Add small hooks to display tomorrow’s outfit, hang jewelry or scarves. The inside of the closet door will remain unseen, so you can hang what you like, keep it out of the way, but still have an extra area to hold items in your bedroom.

For some helpful tips on how to utilize space in a small bedroom, check out this video.

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