Create An Office Interior Design Your Employees Will Love

Office interior design in Estes (and everywhere else for that matter) has evolved at lightning pace over the last few years. Gone forever are the days when employees would strategize ways to cram as many desks and cubicles into the smallest amount of space possible, believing that more staff members occupying collective square footage somehow directly equated to higher productivity. Instead, today’s commercial interior designs are built to promote comfort, creativity, and community, all very important features considering most of us spend more waking hours at the office during the week than we do at home.

Of course, appealing to current employees isn’t the only reason why business owners in every industry are reimagining their office interior design. A well-appointed commercial space can also appeal to future staff members as well. Many entrepreneurs work with a professional design team to create a layout that both suits staff needs and serves as a recruiting tool when hiring new candidates as well.


Design Tips to Help Your Team Love Their Time at the Office

Whatever your motivation, offering your team access to all the creature comforts of a modern design can help boost morale, energy, and productivity. If you’re ready to amp up both fashion and function throughout your workplace interiors, consider these on-trend design tips.


As already mentioned, you and your colleagues spend a lot of time at the office – it’s essential to make comfort a top priority throughout the design. Sitting on uncomfortable, rigid chairs for 8+ hours a day isn’t going to make anyone excited to come to work. Work with a professional designer to brainstorm ways to include plush seating areas throughout your commercial interior. Use overstuffed chairs and sofas to encourage workers to take a break from their desk setup and settle in with their laptops.

You should also consider comfort and functionality in the kitchen and break areas as well. Go beyond cafeteria-style tables and chairs and include couches, upscale beanbags, and other recreational pieces that help your employees unplug and relax during their lunch hour.


Promote Flexibility

Some business owners are giving up the notion of designated workspaces at their place of business. Instead, they promote a more relaxed, casual, and agile overall interior design. A flexible workspace design will utilize easily movable furniture, desks and chairs that can be adjusted based on whoever may be sitting there at the time, and communal workstations.

Not quite ready to eliminate appointed workspaces for your individual employees? That’s okay. You can opt for smaller meeting rooms that can be appointed with furnishings and resources based on the needs of meeting attendees. The biggest benefit of a flexible office is that your employees will have an opportunity to move throughout the facility to keep the creative juices flowing, rather than being stuck at the same desk (staring at the same cubicle wall) all day.


Bring the Outdoors Inside

We’ve all heard of businesses striving to reduce their carbon footprint, but did you that it’s also possible to go green with your commercial interior design layout? Many entrepreneurs have decided that keeping their employees trapped inside windowless, noisy, poorly ventilated, fluorescent-lamp-lit spaces is not good for productivity or overall company morale (and who could blame them?).

Enter green or biophilic interior designs for the workplace. When it comes to incorporating biophilic features in your layout, the possibilities are virtually endless. Go beyond adding a few ficus trees throughout your building. Consider including “green walls” where you can mount a variety of live plants on a wooden panel or with metal fencing. Or, push your green thumb capabilities even further by creating a rooftop or vertical garden in your facility. Beyond vegetation, a naturally green design also evaluates air and water quality in the building to ensure your team has access to the cleanest resources available.

Integrate Technology

No matter what business you’re in, you probably rely on technology in some capacity on a day-to-day basis. When revamping your office interior design, be sure to make including high-tech innovations a top priority. Not only should you work with your design team to optimize placement of electrical outlets, but you should also carefully strategize setup of key components such as wireless charging stations, video conferencing technology, presentation screens, and anything else that helps drive creativity and efficiency in your facility.

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