Easy Steps to Create a Moss Wall


With just a few supplies, you can create a moss wall to add life, texture, and a splash of summer to your space:

  • One 4x8 sheet of plywood. You can go bigger or smaller, depending on what your space can handle and how big of a project you want to make this.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A variety of preserved mosses (you can find these at your local craft store or you can order them on Amazon). Here are a few mosses that would work well:
    • Mood Moss
    • Sheet Moss
    • Reindeer Moss
    • Rock Cap Moss
    • Cushion Moss
  • Tools and hardware to hang your moss wall
  • Dried wood accent pieces (optional)

Creating Your Moss Wall

  1. Cut the plywood to the size and shape that best fits your space. Don’t hesitate to get creative with the shape to make it your own. Most home repair super stores will cut your plywood for free, so just ask!
  2. Glue your moss to the plywood in small sections at a time.
    1. Helpful tip: Use your natural carpet mosses like mood or sheet moss to cover the wood entirely. Then place other types of moss on top throughout to add dimension and texture. Make sure you’re also gluing the moss on the edges of the plywood as well so the wood won’t show once your piece is mounted.
    2. Optional: You can also choose to include additional accents in your moss wall by adding some dried wood throughout.
  3. Once you have glued on all your moss, raise up your plywood to check for any loose pieces and glue those down.
  4. Hang your moss wall. Here, too, you can get creative depending on the desired effect. For smaller pieces, you may choose to use picture-hanging hardware. For larger pieces, consider mounting several blocks of wood on the back first so your moss wall hovers in front of the wall. You can choose to cover those wood pieces with moss as well.

Additional ideas for your Moss Wall

If you have time and want to add a few steps to make this even more beautiful, try adding one or more of these ideas.

  1. Frame your moss wall with cedar wood for a beautiful contrast. You can use strong wood glue for this step.
  2. Instead of mounting your moss art on the wall, hang a larger moss wall from your ceiling using short ropes or chains. If you hang it this way, make sure the plywood you get is thick enough and that you hang it so it won’t sag in the middle from the weight. You can also just attach it straight to the ceiling if you don’t want it hanging down.
  3. Get extra creative and hang lights from the moss wall you mount to the ceiling.

There’s something so refreshing about the beautiful greens of summer. What better way to fill up empty wall spaces than to bring those relaxing colors inside? Once you’ve completed your project, we’d love to see it! Visit our Facebook page and share a photo of your completed moss wall art.