Making the Most of Small Kitchen Spaces

Wouldn’t it be great to have a custom-built kitchen that encompasses all of your needs—storage, smooth flow, visually appealing and with all of the modern touches? If you are building a new home or remodeling and existing one, you can implement a lot of these things at that time. But what if you are renting, recently downsized, or are just starting out or trying to decide what to do in the meantime before that great redo?

Small kitchens that do not function well are a common issue. Here are so great tips to help you maximize your current kitchen space.

  1. Use the cabinet door. Adding hanging storage racks to the back of the cabinet door or hooks can free up a lot of precious storage space. It also makes organization a breeze in larger kitchens and frees up extra space. Look at other storage option such as extra shelving or other products that maximize cupboard space.
  2. Make your sink into extra counter space! You can purchase extra large cutting boards that fit over sink space and double as counter space. Some of the boards even have built in colanders so that you can use the board for chopping and food prep when you need to in a flash. Other sink options include using a raised dish rack that fits over the sink instead of in it.
  3. A little organization goes a long way. Make sure that the space that you do have flows. Group like items together using decorative containers or space dividers in drawers and cupboards. It’s much easier to find the spoon that you need when you do not have to dig through several drawers to find it!
  4. When organizing dish space use hooks to hang your mugs. Most of us have a good collection of mugs and hanging them gives you additional space in a glassware or dish storing cupboard. You can also hang a fun collection under a shelf or above the sink to free up more cupboard space.
  5. Use bins. Bins are great for like objects in the pantry area. Put all your crackers in a bin and double or even triple your storage area. Plus, it makes finding your baking items or snack items a lot easier. No more small stuff finding its way to the back and expiring.
  6. Rolling shelves. If you can make one change, this is it. Shelves that roll or pull out maximize space and help you find everything that you are looking for. Nothing “slips to the back.”
  7. Pot racks—like the hanging mugs, a hanging pot rack from the ceiling or a shelf can add so much space to a crowded kitchen. They also make grabbing the pot or pan that you need a breeze.
  8. Pan spacers. Inside of cupboards use spacers for pans and lids. A little organization can make these easier to find and prevent those spillovers from trying stack your pans like a game of Jenga!
  9. Trays and baskets on the counter. This helps to keep things that you use frequently in arm’s reach with out spreading out across the entire counter space. Plus, when you do need the extra room, they are easy to move out of the way. You can use these to groups objects too and make them decorative at the same time.
  10. Dejunk. Simplify. When space is an issue make sure that you regularly go through and purge unneeded items. Yes, that bread maker is nice, but have you ever used it? Do you really need 5 cupcake tins? 17 mugs from your insurance agent? If you do not use it, toss it!


Making the most of any small space takes planning. So whether you are downsizing, patiently waiting for that remodel or just trying to be more organized these kitchen tips and tricks can make any space flow better for you and for your family.