What Makes Annie Sloan Paint Different

What sets Annie Sloan Paint apart from other brands? Versatility, quality, finish, ease of use, speed, and low-toxicity and an original vintage look. Annie Sloan paint was born from the creative inspiration of none other than DIY revolutionary Annie Sloan. In 1990, she created her brand name Chalk Paint and helped inspire an arts-and-crafts DIY movement. As a mom who loved doing home projects of all kinds, Annie wanted to create a paint that was versatile enough to use on a variety of surfaces with little prep or finish work. The goal was to be able to start a project in the morning and have it finished and in its permanent location by the afternoon. Today, Annie Sloan Paint includes a full line of products, including the original Chalk Paint and their line of quality Wall Paint.
Benefit Of Annie Sloan Paint

Its versatility and ease of use are what made Chalk Paint so popular, but its vintage finish is what really sets it apart. 25 years ago, when Chalk Paint first became available, it didn’t have any comparable competitors. Today, other chalked paints share the market, but side-by-side comparisons indicate that Annie Sloan’s original Chalk Paint goes on smoother and with a thicker finish after just one coat. One liter of Chalk Paint covers approximately 13 sq. meters per liter of paint (roughly the size of a small dresser). It can be easily distressed for an old-style, vintage look and its color schemes are inspired by 18th and 20th-century design. If not distressed, Chalk Paint can also deliver a clean modern look that fits other styles of décor. Colors mix easily to make more color options and most projects only take one coat to achieve the desired finish. All of Annie Sloan’s paints are non-toxic, EG-free, lead-free, odor free, and have a very low content of volatile organic compounds. Her paints are ideal for achieving a unique, artistic finish for any home design projects.

Chalk Paint Applications 

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan can be applied to nearly any surface, most with very little sanding, priming, or other prep work. Old and new wood, metal, bricks, cement, matte plastic, earthenware, stone surfaces, flooring, and fabric are all potential pallets. Use it to decorate dressers, paint decorative ropes, and anything else you can dream up.

Tips For Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

– Part of Chalk Paint’s trademark vintage aesthetic is the fact that brush strokes stay visible. Make sure to always paint in the same direction for the best finish.

– Paint indoors and out of the sun whenever possible; essentially avoid conditions that will speed up the drying process as the paint dries very quickly on its own.

– Because Chalk Paint is so thick, you will need to shake and stir more thoroughly than you would with an average can of paint. Be sure to shake and stir well before every use. You may try turning it upside down, letting it rest, and then shaking it again before stirring.

– Prep your surface by making sure it’s free of any dust or dirt. Chalk paint adheres to almost any surface, so you will not need too intensive preparation, such as sanding or priming unless you prefer to, but it is important to have a clean surface.

– If you’re having trouble getting the strokes to finish the way you’d like, the problem could be the brush. Annie Sloan offers several brushes designed specifically for use with Chalk Paint.

– Pour only the amount of paint you plan on using immediately into a separate container while you paint. Chalk paint dries out so quickly that you want to limit the amount of air that gets to it until it’s time for it to be applied.

– Waiting until the first coat is completely dry before applying a second will produce the best results.

– Chalk Paint Wax is not necessary but definitely recommended. Wax adds durability, deepens colors, and adds a slight sheen.

– Dish soap works fine for cleaning Chalk Paint off of brushes.

– When doing multiple coats, some have found better results by thinning the paint with a little water, particularly during one of the earlier coats. Not only does this result in a more consistent finish, but it also makes the paint last longer. It can also slide on smoother when it’s watered down.

Northern Colorado Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockist

Niche Design House is proud to be the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockist for Northern Colorado. We offer all 32 colors in quart and sample pots, four waxes, cracklers, decoupage, Gold Size, and lacquer. Our team of interior designers and Chalk Paint consultants are able to answer any questions along with making suggestions and providing guidance. Niche also offers regular Chalk Paint Workshops where you will be able to learn unique techniques and create beautiful projects. Call us today at 970-460-3558 for more information.