Make the Most of Your Small Space

No matter the total square footage of your Loveland home, chances are you have at least one room that’s just too small (or, at least feels that way to you). Fortunately, you don’t have to accept cramped quarters or entire areas not living up to their full spatial potential. Here are a few tried, true, and clever hacks that can maximize the look, feel, and function of your small spaces.



Eliminating items in a room can instantly free up some much-needed space in your Loveland interior design. However, for many of us purging is a challenging concept to master. If you’re overwhelmed with the idea of getting rid of things, start slowly. Identify what you really need, want, and use (or simply can’t live without it if it doesn’t fall into the previous three categories). As you declutter, donate or recycle as much as you can for an added feel-good bonus.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are the go-to strategy of choice for Loveland interior designers looking to visually optimize a space. A well-placed mirror reflects light, illuminating dark places and giving the impression of more depth in a room. Be imaginative with your mirror application; forego one large mirror and opt instead for several pieces grouped together to create a focal point within the space.

 Establish Function “Zones”

Don’t try to do everything in one small space. Instead, decide the best use of an area (eating, lounging, working) to design a layout that optimizes functionality for how you will use it most. Mobile dividers and curtains can help carve out different zones without impeding the flow of the room.


Bring In The Outdoors

Yes, it may seem counterintuitive to add something that technically takes up more space, but adding plants to an area (particularly tall ones) instantly gives the illusion of being outside, making the room feel larger and less confined. Bonus tip: place your plants near a window – pulling back the curtains not only gives them much needed natural light, but it also makes the room seem less cramped.

Get Vertical

There is probably more unused area in your space than what you realize. We tend to look at a room’s size by its width; we look at floor space and it dictates to us what can reasonably fit into that room. Think vertically. After all, a room has one floor and four walls. Floating shelves, vertical bookcases, and mounted cabinets not only offer storage solutions, but they draw attention upward, allowing you to appreciate more of your room and leaving the impression of a larger space. Bonus tip: Go as high as you can aesthetically with your curtains to make the room seem taller.

 Use Your Ceiling

Want to really draw attention upward? Use your ceiling as part of your interior design. Paint and even patterned wallpaper can provide a focal point in the room that expands perceived space.


Decorate Your Floor

Your flooring choice can also make an impact on how spacious an area appears. Use a rug with vertical stripes that run the length of the room to elongate the space.


Go Big

Many people overcrowd their small room with too many smaller furnishings. Eliminate the hodgepodge and clutter of several miniature pieces and opt instead for just a few larger items that make a decor statement (as well as make your room feel grander). Working with a professional Loveland interior designer can ensure you choose your large furniture wisely so you don’t overwhelm the space. Bonus tip: Whenever possible, purchase furniture that offers hidden storage compartments to eliminate unnecessary clutter.

Consider Color

Changing the color of your walls can have an impact on how spacious the room feels. Choose a lighter paint color to give the impression of more square footage. Remember, lighter doesn’t have to mean brighter. A neutral color palette delivers a soothing tone and improves the flow of the house to make it seem like one continuous space.

 Lighten Up

A well-lit room feels bigger; however, table lamps require tables (which take up space). Forego floor lighting. Use sconces on the walls and even ceiling lighting to keep the room bright without taking up precious square footage.



Built-in shelving and storage units are a perfect way to maximize the space you have. Your Loveland interior design team will brainstorm various custom configurations that fit into your layout and optimize access to what you need when you need it.

Looking for ways to make the most out of your small space? Niche Design House can help. Contact our team of Loveland interior designers for a free consultation today!