Transform Your Bathroom With Hotel Style

Everyone loves the opulence of a high-end hotel bathroom. Posh amenities, long sleek design lines, and tranquil water features often make these spaces the highlight of any getaway. Fortunately, you don’t have to plan a road trip to enjoy the chic extravagance of a hotel-style bathroom. It is possible to enjoy a hotel experience at home, on virtually any budget. Knowing a range of both big and small design tips can help you choose what’s most important to you during the renovation process so you can carefully blend glamour with practicality and achieve a lavish lav that rivals those found in even the most luxurious 5-star resort.


Bigger Design Options

When updating your bathroom, consider some bigger room updates, such as:

Calming Color Choice

Create a sumptuous and soothing spa-like feel in your space by using cool neutrals or a monochromatic palette. Classic color schemes never go out of style and give you an opportunity to use bolder accents throughout the room for added aesthetic appeal. If you go for an all-white look, consider including tubs and vanities with curved lines to add a little extra visual interest and texture to the space.

Renovated Flooring

Your bathroom floor needs to walk that fine line between fashion and function. Yes, the flooring needs to be durable, industrious, and impervious to heavy foot traffic and water damage; but it also has to look fabulous. Ceramic tile is resilient to general wear and tear, yet still luxurious. Stone flooring can also convey the feel of a fine hotel. Looking for a worthy splurge beneath your feet? Install a radiant heating system in your subflooring space for extra comfort during the colder winter months. No matter what product you install, skip high-polished finishes that may get slippery when wet.

Upgrade Showers & Tubs

Hotel showers and tubs are often the most relaxing part of the hotel experience. Upgrading your current acrylic models to tile and porcelain can achieve a resort-quality feel as well as add value to your home. Tile your shower area to match the surrounding color palette. A rain showerhead is a must; however, you may also want to install a second showerhead, as well as side water features, to achieve the highly-sought after, massaging “surround spray.” When renovating your tub, keep in mind that a standalone model provides an instant focal point and offers more space to soak in after a long, stressful day.

Smaller Design Options

Of course, as with any home remodel, sticking to the budget is a thing. Not to worry; you can implement a few lower-priced upgrades throughout your bathroom and still achieve that luxurious resort feel and quality.

Some little (yet still impactful) décor updates include:

Purchase Plush Towels

Purchasing new towels is a small task, but it can deliver significant return on investment. Get rid of the mismatched, fraying towels you’ve had for years (or decades), and invest in plush, deluxe towels that instantly make the bathing process more enjoyable. Want to truly launch towel luxury in your space? Purchase a towel warmer to make getting out of the shower on cold chilly mornings pleasant.

Strategically Place Candles

The soft glow of candlelight makes everything better. Place candles around the bathtub and vanity to elevate ambiance and convey a calming sense of peace. You can also use scented candles to enhance the overall sensory vibe in the room.

Accessorize Your Vanity

Don’t have the budget for a new vanity? Not to worry – you can still make your existing vanity look like new. First, eliminate all current clutter. Toss all the lotions, gels, powders, and products you never use and replace them with items that make you feel like you’re truly pampering yourself. Next, get ready to accessorize. Vases, trays, and even decorative toiletries can all be placed on your bathroom counters to add a touch of color and glamour to the space.

Use Greenery

Many premium hotels use greenery to liven up the bathrooms – and you should too. Even just a few plants and/or flowers in the room prove a quick and easy way to elevate comfort levels. Bonus Note: Bathroom humidity allows many plants to thrive, so you won’t need a green thumb to keep them green.

Include A Bath Tray

Having everything you need conveniently at arms’ reach instantly makes you feel like you’re at a posh hotel. A high-end bath tray offers various compartments to safely store and prop scented salts, books, soaps, electronic devices, and even your wine glass for the ultimate soaking experience.

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