Low Cost, High Impact: Using Color to Update Your Living Spaces

Whether you’ve just moved or have lived in your space for a while, you may be ready to change your interior design. Perhaps you haven’t started because you feel an interior design project will be too expensive. Don’t panic. Using color to update your living spaces is a low cost, high-impact way to create an area you’ll love. Follow a few simple tips to implement color in a way that maximizes results with minimized expense.


Start With A Plan

What is the first step in any successful redesign? Start with a detailed plan. “Winging it” with your update leaves ample opportunity for impulse buys, which can quickly increase overall project expense. Know the room you want to start with and allocate a firm budget to keep you focused on the bottom line. Next, devise a preliminary strategy that implements the 60-30-10 rule. This timeless approach designates 60% of the room to a primary color, 30% to a secondary color, and 10% to an accent color. Using this concept in your plan can ultimately save you time, money, and frustration.

Use What You Have

The best way to keep costs to a minimum, with any interior design project is to shop at home. We all have color preferences and tend to buy multiple things in a single shade. You may already have various items and accessories throughout your home in a color you love that are not getting the attention they deserve. Now is the perfect time to relocate these items and revitalize new spaces. Walk through every room in your home to see your accessories with fresh eyes. If you find something in your house you love but don’t love where it currently resides, put it in the “repurpose pile.” As you find a new spot for items you own, you may start to see a refreshed color scheme coming together that doesn’t cost a thing except for a little bit of time.

Change Up The Paint

Okay, pretty much everyone already knows this, but it warrants repeating: paint is an extremely inexpensive way to transform your interior spaces (even if you outsource the project to a professional painter). To make a paint job even more affordable, consider limiting your palette. Using just two complimenting colors creates a natural flow throughout your home and helps you stick to the budget. Already have a uniform, neutral paint scheme in your home that you love? Select a single accent color to use in various rooms that have a wall as their focal point. A bold accent wall is a quick and easy way to make a big statement with very little overhead, time, and effort. Just remember, when purchasing paint, always create a test patch first to be sure you like it. Having to redo the color in your room because it looks different on the wall than it does in the can is a major waste of time and money.

Remember Your Other Decorations

While paint is important, it’s not the only way to alter a room’s color and update your living spaces. Skip big purchases like furniture and focus on smaller details that can boost visual appeal. Artwork, wall décor, pillows, and even throw blankets can deliver color that redefines the space. If you simply can’t spend another moment looking at the pattern on your couch, find a fun, eye-catching (and well-fitting) slipcover to instantly and inexpensively change the color scheme in your room without spending too much.


Look For Bargains

There are countless ways to bargain hunt throughout your project. Rather than spending top dollar for art, visit regional art galleries to find lower cost pieces that will dazzle. Additionally, your local home center probably runs periodical sales on a multitude of items such as paints, wallpapers, framed pictures, and other colorful, decorative accents. Find out when those sales happen and wait until then to buy for added savings. If you’re in a hurry to spruce up your space, there are other ways to find bargains. Home improvement centers and even consignment stores often have a section with partially used paint, half-rolls of wallpapers, and gently used accent pieces. Browse through and see if you find something you like at a lower cost than if you bought new.

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