Little Design Updates That Make A Big Visual Impact

Ready for a décor change, but don’t have the time, energy, or patience for a full-on living space redesign? A mini-makeover can prove an ideal solution. Small changes can have a major visual impact without wreaking havoc on your daily routine (or wallet). Follow these tips for little design updates that still let you enjoy that big reveal moment.


Vibrant Paint Color

Wall paint is a popular update option for a reason – it’s inexpensive, it’s easy, and it quickly can change the look and feel of the entire room. Of course, nothing says you have to relegate a color swap to your walls only. You can go bold with new paint colors on your doors, outdated furniture, picture frames, and even your cabinets to create a new focal point that livens up the surrounding area.

New Window Treatments

Windows come in pretty much every shape and size, making them a fun way to show a little design creativity in your room. One big factor to consider when changing your window treatments is length. Drapes that are too long quickly overpower the space, while curtains that are too short often look like a pair of ill-fitting pants. Adjust the length of your windsow treatments so they just barely touch the floor for a perfect fit that visually wows.

Bonus Tip: Consider a versatile sheer curtain if you’re struggling to choose a color that matches the existing décor or want to make a small space look larger.


Adding decorative layers to your room creates aesthetic depth and a touch of elegance. Best of all…layering can be done virtually anywhere. Blankets, framed photos, and wall hangings are just some of the items that can be layered in your space to add instant interest and dimension.


Style Shelves

Bookshelves, open cabinets, and even wall shelves can have a big impact on your living space. All too often, our shelves are either underutilized with just a few items, or completely overflowing with unorganized clutter. Take a more strategic shelving approach by having your shelves styled to create a more captivating layout. Don’t really have any available shelving space? Not a problem; you can take the same approach with both your end and coffee tables to bring new visual complexity to the room.


Bring The Outdoors In

Plants are an excellent design update option for a wide range of reasons. Not only do they introduce organic visual appeal, they can be placed in almost any space that has a little natural sunlight. Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms…even a bathroom’s décor (all the extra humidity in your bathrooms actually makes it a perfect place for your plant to thrive) gets an instant boost when introducing fresh plants and herb gardens. Have fun with your pots by incorporating bright and bold colors as well as juxtaposing modern, vintage, and classic styles to further amplify your final results.


New Seating Accessories

Many people believe that when it comes to updating some of the furniture in a room, the only viable options are reupholstering, recovering, or buying new pieces. This is not true. You may be surprised at how much of a difference some new pillows and throws on couches and seating areas can make. Mix and match to develop an entirely new color palette for other accessories you may want to include later.

Use Rugs

Looking for another way to make a major change in your home with relatively minor effort? Add a new floor rug to the room. Area rugs not only change the look of the space, they are also an easy way to showcase your specific personal style. Whether you choose a neutral shade that blends in well with your floor, or opt for a bold design that commands attention, a new rug is an inexpensive way to seamlessly revamp the overall aesthetics of the room.

Change Out Knobs

This tip works anywhere you have a cabinet or drawer. New hardware on dressers, hutches, and other furniture can refresh even the most tired looking piece and help redirect the overall style of the room. Traditional, transitional, shabby chic, or industrial – you can easily find a new knob to convey just the right vibe.


Shop At Home

This is perhaps the easiest way to liven up your living spaces. Rearrange and repurpose the things you already own. Shop around your house, looking for the items you love that just aren’t currently living up to their highest design potential to find a new location for them to shine. Hang pictures on different walls and shuffle around your decorative pieces to a different venue for some prompt design panache. Even just moving furniture around in the same room can breathe new life into your home. Best of all, shopping at home gives you big results without spending a dime for the ultimate win/win makeover experience.


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