Fall has arrived. Shorter days and longer nights mean more time spent indoors. Lighting is always important, but with the seasonal transition we spend more time in artificial light. Light influences our moods and having the right lighting can also transform a home. Some days we want gentle soft light and other times we need to have a brighter environment.

Having home lighting that can switch with our different needs is very important. When choosing new or updating window coverings consider not just form, but functionality. Blinds are a great option for almost every home. You can control when the natural light comes in and even how much. Good blinds can keep heating and cooling costs more affordable too. There are a variety of materials that blinds are made from. Things to consider are functionality, how easy are they to open and close, what materials and designs will work with your lifestyle (children, pets, etc.), durability and how easy are they to keep clean are all important considerations. Window coverings can work in conjunction with blinds if you do not like the look of blinds alone. From draperies to curtains the options are virtually unlimited. Heavier drapes can also help with heating and cooling cost while adding that extra touch of color and texture to a room. A valance alone can add a needed touch of color. Not sure which direction to go? Call one of our designers for a consult to discuss your needs. We can help you determine what materials and coverings will fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Additionally, we have the ability to make customized window coverings that work for your home.

Once you have decided on the window coverings it is time to look at artificial lighting. Whether that be with lamps, overhead lights or a combination. Light should accent a room as well as provide functionality. For people who want to have the ability to change up the amount of lighting frequently, dimmer switches are a great option. You also want to consider what you use each room for. Most people want more light in the kitchen than in a bedroom. Consulting with a designer is a great option because they will often think about things you would not when determining lighting options. Shadows and dark spaces can make a room look small or uninviting. 
Lighting is an easy way to transform a room, especially if you are on a budget. Not sure where to start? Stop into our store today and see what options we have for you. Still not sure? Contact one of our designers for a consultation.