Left for Trash and Turned in to Treasure, the Story of a Desk

Left on the side of a road was a desk. Was it dumped there on purpose? Did it fall off a truck while being moved? Whatever the reason, there it was. Sturdy and unremarkable. It took some time and effort to shove into the back of the small vehicle, but it made its way to a new home. The desk did stay in the garage for quite some time. When it finally made its way into the house it was just there. Not a centerpiece, not a piece that made anyone say, “Wow, where did you get that!?!” 

That is when the owner discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! The desk was the second thing the owner decided to paint. 

First, the desk was cleaned off. Nothing fancy, just a damp cloth and a little elbow grease. A little bit of sanding for some scratches and some rough spots. Literally, 15 minutes. The desk was not stripped in any way. 

A coat of Paris Grey was applied to the desk. The paint was left to dry (about ½ an hour). A second coat of Old Violet was applied and left to dry. A wash of Paris Grey was then used. It was wiped off and the color-wash dried for another ½ an hour or so. 

One coat of clear wax was applied to all painted surfaces. A second wash was applied, this time in Old Violet (to tone down the Paris Grey a little bit). Just to the top of the desk. The desk was then distressed with a damp sanding sponge (medium grit). The piece was dusted off. Two more coats of clear wax were applied to the top of the desk. A hole was drilled into the middle of the drawer and a brushed nickel draw pull was attached. 

Viola! The desk was completed. The total time was about 3 hours. Paired with a chair painted in Paris Grey with clear wax the desk found a new home in the guest room. It went from “sturdy and unremarkable” to “wow!” 

If you want to re-do furniture in a short amount of time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods (stripping, refinishing, etc.) Check out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! At Niche DesignHouse we offer a great assortment of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products, as well as classes to learn various techniques. 

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