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Six Key Home Accessories In Loveland That Complete Your Space

You’ve chosen the color palette, installed the flooring, and placed all the big furnishings in your Loveland home – you’ve essentially crossed the design finish line, right? Not quite.

While it’s great to get all the major décor items in the room checked off of your to-do list, many people overlook a vital component in a finished space: home accessories. Key home accessories in Loveland home designs complement your existing design, give the room some personality, and add the final touches that visually bring everything together. Knowing a few easy, yet compelling, home accents can help you quickly zero in on exactly what your interior needs to feel complete.

When choosing your Loveland home accessories, consider the following:


Window Treatments

Window treatments can instantly create a mood or vibe in your space. Looking for something dramatic? Opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains in rich, jewel tones. Prefer a more relaxed, calming vibe? Opt for bamboo blinds in a neutral color or other wooden woven shades to convey tranquility. From fun, bold prints to sophisticated patterns and materials, there are countless ways to use your window treatments to create a focal point or casually blend in with the other design elements in your room.

Added Lighting

Floor lamps, table lamps, pendants, and sconces can all supplement your existing lighting plan and deliver a little extra visual boost. Lamps, in particular, are generally inexpensive and easy to move and change, so have a little fun when making your final selection. Instead of pale, neutral colors, choose pieces with shiny metal, stained wood, or bright fabric bases to add decorative flair to your room instantly. Also, buy various lampshades that can be switched out easily to keep the look in your room fresh. You can also add dimmers to your recessed lighting to adjust the ambiance in the room.

Home Accessories In Loveland

Area Rugs

Many homeowners are reluctant to cover up the newly installed floors in their updated spaces. However, area rugs offer an inexpensive way to enhance beautiful hardwood, tile, and laminate floors as well as complement other color schemes used throughout the space. Even just a few strategically placed area rugs can instantly add depth to a room. Additionally, if your floors aren’t quite so new, an area rug is the perfect way to cover blemishes and scratches.


Framed Photos

Once you’ve finalized the design, it’s important to personalize the room so it’s a space you’ll enjoy spending time in whenever you can. Framed personal photos are an excellent way to make an interior design feel like your own. There are virtually endless ways to include pictures on your walls and tabletops. From dramatic black and white posed shots to vibrant, full-color candid images, select photos that you love and use them throughout the interior to enhance the overall mood of the room.



Showcasing some of your favorite collections is another great way to personalize your space using accent pieces. Clocks, antiques, lunchboxes – display your collections on shelving units, countertops, tabletops, and even directly on the walls to make the room look and feel like your own.


Go Green

Plants have proven a major design trend in recent years. Their natural beauty and versatility make them an excellent home accent option in a wide range of rooms and applications. The best part about using plants to furnish your home? You don’t need a green thumb for success. Choose plants that require very little care and maintenance (we see you, cacti) to reap the benefits of having a living thing in your home without having to do much to actually keep it alive.


Embrace Texture

Finally, combine various textures in your room. Accent pillows, throw blankets, and wall hangings can all help add textural layers to your space. When you’re making your selections, don’t be afraid to get creative with both the colors and materials of your pieces. For example, a plush blanket with a vibrant pattern print can work well with a neutral-toned, faded leather sofa. Or, opt for layering pillows on your bed that instantly pick up accent colors in the duvet and add depth to the room. Take risks and have fun when adding texture for a truly unique finished space.


Buy Home Accessories in Loveland

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