Pro Tips to Give Your Décor a Refresh for Spring

Yes, it’s been a long winter for all of us here in Northern Colorado. However, no matter what the thermometer outside says, spring really is right around the corner. In just a few weeks, we’ll all be opening up our windows to let in some much-needed fresh air, watching the temperatures rise outside, and acknowledging that we can no longer put off the spring cleaning we’ve successfully avoided since that first winter snowflake fell last year.

Of course, cleaning our homes isn’t the only way we can celebrate the spirit of the spring season. Now is also the perfect time to give our interiors a spring design makeover as well. Here are some pro-tips from Northern Colorado interior designers to give your home designs a spring refresh and eliminate any final winter strongholds from your living spaces.

Start With the Throw Cushions

Throw pillows are a quick, easy, and extremely affordable way to include springtime colors and designs within your interiors. Many interior designers recommend removing the autumn or winter-themed pillows you may be using and replacing them with cushions in colors like purple, pink, gray, and taupe to instantly make the room feel lighter and fresher. Floral prints that showcase seasonal flowers like tulips and hyacinths are also a great way to liven up the cushions layout throughout the interior.

Bust Out the Slipcovers

Dark, upholstered furniture can serve as ideal accents pieces in our interiors throughout the colder months. However, once winter finally wanes away, these same items can start to make the room feel heavy and weighted down. An easy solution? Slipcovers. Cotton or linen slipcovers in cool, crisp colors can deliver an instant makeover in any room. At the top of the color trend list for slipcovers is green. A brilliant cover in a grassy green can brighten up the space and help make everything in the room feel like it’s in full bloom. If you’re not wanting to fully change the color scheme of your living areas, but still want to tone down the darker furniture for spring and summer, go for lighter, neutral slipcovers.

Get to Decluttering

This time of year is about more than window washing and floor scrubbing; it’s also the perfect time to declutter and reorganize your interior spaces. Systematically work through each individual space, eliminating unnecessary accents and knick-knacks to really showcase some of your home’s lovely surfaces. Once you’ve done all the larger areas, go into the less noticeable spots in your home to find other opportunities to clean and reorganize. Start in the kitchen, going through all of your kitchen cabinets and pantry to eliminate expired spices and consolidate other items.

You can also take some time to go through your closets to purge some of the seasonal items you’re not going to need for a while. Winter coats, boots, and a wide range of other garments can be stored away for the season to make way for some of your lighter jackets and sweaters. Organizing all your spaces can instantly refresh the room (and can cost a lot less than a major springtime interior design overhaul).

Repaint as Needed

There’s a reason why interior designers love using paint as a makeover staple; a fresh paint coat can instantly redefine any space. Opt for lighter colors such as beige, soft grays, and even whites or creams to give your room an impromptu facelift that eliminates all the scuff marks and blemishes you’ve accumulated on the walls over the last several months. If you’re really feeling ambitious, try repainting your kitchen cabinets as your next home improvement project. While gray is still an extremely popular color for homeowners, other tones like yellow and baby blue are also expected to gain a little momentum as a cabinet color of choice. Finish your cabinetry with a new knob or handle and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve moved into a home with a new, designer kitchen.

Rotate Out the Bedding

Seasonal bedding can have a major impact on the room’s final overall look and feel. Rotating out your bedding can dramatically alter the space. Change out your fur blankets, heavy plaid quilts, and dark bedspreads, opting instead for lighter cotton throws, bright accent pillows, and cooler coverlets to immediately transform your bedroom into an inviting, airy sanctuary.

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