Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Secrets That Instantly Enhance Your Living Spaces


We may not tell you every trick we know, but we’re happy to share a few interior design secrets. At some point, every design needs a little updating. Some homeowners in the area opt to keep their remodeling project simple, splashing on a different paint palette and freshening up a few accent pieces. Others choose a major style overhaul, replacing furniture and even building out new living areas to completely redefine the existing space.


No matter what you have in mind for your interior design upgrade, it’s crucial to launch your project using as many insider tips and suggestions as possible to maximize both fashion and function in your home. Here are seven interior design secrets the pros use to help you transform your interior and personalize your living spaces to suit your style, taste, and personality.

Lighting Matters

Most Estes Park interior design professionals will agree that, when it comes to lighting in any given space, natural is always best. Unfortunately, easy access to natural light isn’t always possible in individual rooms in your home, particularly during specific times throughout the day. Sit in your space to really get to know how light flows in and out of the interior – it’s the best way to determine where and when you’ll need a supplemental lighting plan to warm the surrounding living areas.


Yard Inspiration

Performance fabrics come in bright, bold, colorful patterns, are stain resistant, and easy to clean, making them a staple in many outdoor living areas – but nothing says these materials need to stay in the backyard. Use pieces upholstered in performance fabrics in high traffic areas or in places where little ones play to beautify the room and lower stress levels every time your child proves there is no such thing as a spill-proof sippy cup.


Upsize Artwork

We’ve all used a mirror to make smaller spaces feel more expansive. However, a large wall hanging or work of art can also give the room a grander feel. Resist the urge to use several smaller pieces that will make the interior feel broken up and choppy. Instead, choose a large piece you love to create an instant focal point as well as scale the room, giving everyone the impression that it’s bigger than its actual square footage suggests.


Look Up

Let’s face it; most of us don’t pay enough attention to the ceilings in our interior spaces. Including your ceilings in your design can make a significant visual impact on the finished project. Use it as a fifth wall to complement the colors used on the walls below. If you have a bold shade on the walls, choose a more subdued ceiling tone. Likewise, a neutral wall color works well with a vibrant ceiling shade. If you really want to turn things up a notch, use wallpaper on the ceiling to add interest and texture to the room instantly.

Mix And Match Chairs

There’s a common design belief that mandates dining room seating has to match. It doesn’t. Sure, it’s easy to purchase an entire set of matching chairs for your table, but mixing up different styles and looks grants you an invaluable opportunity to flex your creative muscles and personalize your arrangement. Choose two complementing chair designs and alternate them around your table. Or, use a bench or small couch on one side of the table to work with individual chairs. Feeling fearless? Make every chair at your table a different style.

Dining Room Interior Design

Simplify Windows

Don’t spend tons of time and money purchasing elaborate curtains and window treatments. Instead, keep it simple by only installing shades. Elegant white shades with light control features can help you manage how bright or dark the space is throughout the day. Additionally, wooden woven shades add a sophisticated touch to your windows as well as up the privacy factor.


Don’t Forget Storage

Perhaps the biggest oversight in many interior designs is not having enough storage. To put it simply: clutter happens and, when it does, you’ll want a place to put things so they don’t take away from your beautiful remodel. Include plenty of closed cabinetry as well as furniture with extra storage space (think drawers on coffee tables and ottomans that open up), so you can keep the room neat, organized, and fashionable.


Professional Help Beyond a Few Interior Design Secrets

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