Interior Design Pieces To Splurge On (And Still Stick To Your Budget)

When beginning an interior design project, many homeowners initially assume they’ll have to break the bank in order to achieve a final look they’ll love. This is not true. Yes, you want to maximize the style and visual impact of all of your living spaces – but you do not have to max out your credit cards to do it. A successful interior design starts by understanding how to walk that fine line between splurge and savings. Knowing a few key places and interior design pieces to splurge on can help you boost overall visual impact in any room, yet still ensure you stick to your overall budget.

When looking to splurge, consider these pieces:


If you’re redoing your kitchen and/or bathroom, you should plan on splurging a bit on your countertops. Yes, those significantly less expensive, laminate counters may appeal to the saver in you. However, in this case, low-cost often means even lower quality. Many homeowners install these synthetic countertops only to find them quickly showing their age and even (gasp!) peeling at the seams in just a few years. Opt for a long-lasting, durable stone like granite, or an equally resilient composite material such as quartz to guarantee your counters not only look great but also withstand the test of time.

Frequently Used Furniture

When figuring out which interior design pieces to splurge on, this is a great tip. Break the furniture you’ll need in your new space into two distinctive categories: frequently used and…everything else. The pieces that will see the most use absolutely warrant a higher price tag than other items in the space. Save your money when purchasing side tables, coffee tables, and even accent chairs. Focus your funds on items like quality, full-size couches and love seats. These are the staples that will get used virtually every day, making it critical to find pieces that are comfortable and strong enough to serve both a functional and fashionable purpose.



We’re all aware of general sleeping stats, but we’ll share anyway just to drive home the point that, on average, most of us spend one-third of our entire lives sleeping. This places everything related to your bedding in our previously determined “frequently used furniture” category. Bottom line: sleeping on a cheap mattress and paper-thin linens not only looks terrible, it’s really no way to spend 33% of your existence. You will never regret using your design budget to purchase a quality mattress and plush linens that up the comfort and style dynamic in your room.


Faucets, cabinet handles, and even doorknobs may seem like little things, but they can quickly add up. However, spending just a little extra money on these eye-catching features can instantly offer a major return on investment. For example, going just above entry level on a faucet can change the entire feel of an otherwise builder-grade bathroom. It doesn’t have to be an outrageous expense, but general rules of thumb dictate that if you use it or touch it often, spend a little more. If you need to balance out your budget, go with less expensive vanities since no one will notice once your gorgeous new fixtures and spigots are installed. Finish out the look (while still keeping expenses to a minimum) by purchasing a fun, yet lower cost, metal mirror and light fixture that matches your new faucet, boosts the chic factor, and still keeps you from going into the red with your project.

Trendy Tiles

Laying elegant accent tiles throughout your entire space can prove pricey. However, it is possible to spend a little and get a lot with porcelain and ceramic pieces. Get strategic and select places where your tiles will deliver the biggest visual impact (think kitchen backsplashes, bathroom showers, and fireplaces). These areas serve as the focal point of the room…and focal points always deserve a bigger cut of your budget. A stylish, high-end tile used in smaller doses throughout your home can instantly add a burst of color and sophistication to any space. Creatively mix and match different styles and designs to develop a truly one-of-a-kind, customized look wherever these pieces are used. Even though you may spend a little more than you had anticipated, you are still sure to get a ton of ROI bang for your buck

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