Interior Design Tips to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Here in Estes Park, locals live for (and thrive in) the Colorado winter. Whether it’s hitting the slopes or enjoying a hot beverage by a crackling fire, most of us know how to make the most out of these cold seasonal months. However, at some point, we are all susceptible to the phenomenon known as the “winter blues.” Even the biggest Colorado winter fan can find herself in need of a little seasonal pick-me-up as the frigid temperatures and short days go on (and on…and on).

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave home to stay refreshed and rejuvenated during this season. Here are several easy and affordable Estes Park interior design tips that can help you beat the winter blues this year.

Lighten Up (Your Living Spaces)

One of the biggest contributors to seasonal mood swings in winter? Lack of natural daylight. The shorter days and lack of daylight hours can trigger an increased release of melatonin, a hormone released by the brain that can increase sleepiness and sluggishness. Begin your battle of the blahs by examining the current layout of your interior lighting. Switch out lower wattage bulbs for brighter options during this season to help your brain feel like the days are a little longer.

Additionally, you can also add floor and table lamps as needed to amp up the daylight effect. For people suffering from a more severe case of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), you may want to consult with your doctor about adding specially designed lamps to your interior design to optimize the amount of beneficial light into your living spaces.

Mirror, Mirror

Of course, lamps aren’t the only way to exponentially increase the lighting in your room to brighten up a space. Mirrors can also augment your lighting plan. Hanging large mirrors on any open wall space that could reflect both natural and artificial rays streaming through the room to counteract the shorter day syndrome we all struggle with throughout winter.

Pick a Happy Color

We all have our own opinion on colors that evoke and convey happiness. Find yours – and include it throughout your interior design. Yellow, blues, greens, and even pinks can all conjure up cheerfulness on even the coldest, darkest winter days. If you really want to be trend forward about your paint selection, opt for Living Coral, a bright yet warm hue dubbed 2019’s Color of the Year by Pantone (learn more here).

Bring in the Outdoors

If your home tends to feel frigid and sterile during the winter months, it’s officially time to bring the outdoors in. Natural and organic home accents can instantly make your living spaces feel warmer and more inviting. Pretty rocks and even twigs, branches, and evergreens from the backyard can all be used to create a calm, relaxing interior design that wards off winter doldrums.

Bonus Tip: Another great way to bring the outdoors inside – without ever actually having to open your doors? Find a view in your yard that you love and set up a comfortable seating area where you can enjoy it (while comfortably snuggled in a warm blanket sipping hot cocoa, of course) whenever you’d like.

Implement Soft Furnishings

Use the furnishings and accents in your Colorado home to make your rooms warmer, cozier, and more inviting throughout the long, cold winter months. Opt for couch pillows, plush rugs, throw pillows, and even new bedding to soften the look in your home and make each space seem new. Choose items in bright, bold colors to liven up the space and juxtapose the harsh temperatures outside.

Get a Green Thumb

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple houseplant when fighting off the winter blues. Adding live plants in your home can reduce toxins and purify the indoor air throughout your living spaces. Additionally, research indicates that various plants not only increase the oxygen levels in a room but can also lower stress and fatigue. Visit your local nursery for suggestions on species that will work well in a season with reduced natural light. Place your chosen plants throughout your home and let them work their magic until spring comes and you can start to enjoy their outside counterparts once again.

Check out this gallery of ideas for more ideas on using decor to beat the winter blues.

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