Bringing the Outdoors in: How to Incorporate Nature in Your Décor

Bringing nature into our interiors is a classic design approach. Even homeowners without expansive outdoor living spaces enjoy weaving natural elements throughout their interior layouts. Incorporating the natural accents throughout the house creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, especially if you’re an urban dweller with limited access to green space.

The best part of using nature in your design? There are countless ways to do it, and you don’t need to have a green thumb for success. Often, all it takes is a trip to your preferred Loveland home décor store for inspiration and decor. Here are a few creative strategies and decorative furnishing suggestions to help you achieve your own indoor/outdoor oasis.

Start With the Basics: Plants and Flowers

Yes, living plants and flowers bring an air of freshness and color to a space. However, live plants are not your only option. Wilted and crumbly flowers are never a great look (plus, who needs the pressure of keeping them alive?) If you don’t trust yourself to remember to water a live plant, opt for easy-to-maintain varieties or even artificial plants. Fake plants tend to get a bad rap – but there are beautiful, artificial options that can be used in several creative ways (come check out our selection of faux succulents at Niche Design House!). There are also plenty of plants that are particularly easy to care for, including Guiana Chestnut, Chinese Money Plant, air plants and spider plants.

Whether you’re using real or artificial plants, think beyond the traditional vase. House your plants in eye-catching pots and holders from your local home décor store for an added decorative touch. Drape greenery across your mantle, down your banister, or over your curtain rods. Use tall floor vases to incorporate elements like sticks and pussy willow branches for visual appeal. Scatter artificial flower petals on decorative trays, and display pressed plants and flowers in shadow boxes or frames to adorn the walls of your home.

Get Seasonal With Your Natural Accents

Yes, it’s always fun to incorporate springtime flowers in your home. However, it’s not the only season that brings with it the opportunity to introduce the outdoors within your interiors. There are plenty of ways to do so during the summer, fall, and winter as well. During the warmer summer months, think nautical and beachy: glass bowls and vases with sand and shells, wall art featuring calming beach scenes, light blues, and tans for linens and window dressings.

Autumn brings with it its own array of accents and items that we can bring inside to our interiors. As we start to move towards fall, turn toward deeper, warmer colors like oranges, crimsons, and chocolates. Also, introduce wood elements where you can, such as in floral arrangements or bowls of pinecones.

Winter is the perfect time for using bright white, silver, gold, and metallic decor elements to imitate the snowy season. Try including these colors in your wall hangings, throw rugs and blankets, curtains and drapes, or other decorative pieces. Of course, this time of year is also great for using holiday-themed natural accents as well. Pinecones, winterberry, and sprigs of evergreens all lend a beautiful and festive vibe to any interior.

Other Ways to Incorporate Nature in Your Interior Designs

Thinking about where else you can incorporate natural colors and accents? Start with the fabrics you use in your room by reupholstering your dining chairs or living room furniture. Shop area rugs boasting natural prints, such as flowers, trees, leaves, or some other type of outdoor landscape. Your curtains are also the perfect place to incorporate these types of prints.

Speaking of curtains, one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in is to (literally) let it in. Keep blinds and curtains open during the day to let the sunshine inside your spaces. The natural light, combined with your natural décor elements, will create the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

Your bedroom and bathroom may also be begging for some outdoor elements and colors. Swap your current bedding for a style with a subtle floral or delicate leaf print. Or, choose a non-print soft pastel comforter that perfectly compliments that new landscape painting you picked up from a home décor store. Spruce up the bathroom with plants, a new shower curtain, and some artwork to really make it feel like a nature-themed spa.

The only rule about including natural elements in your home – get creative with it! Feel free to get whimsical with your interior décor to truly personalize the space in a way that’s meaningful to you.

What’s your favorite way to give your interiors a more natural vibe?

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