How To “Kid-Proof” Your Home Décor

Anyone who has children knows that little ones can be busy. Their constant mobility can wreak havoc in our homes, where even the most well-behaved little ones can completely dismantle a living space in mere seconds. Many parents assume that having children means going years without being able to “have nice things.” This, fortunately, is not true. Yes, you will have to get a little imaginative with your interior décor to keep it fingerprint free (as well as in one piece). However, it is totally possible to enjoy a stylish design in your living spaces and still keep your little ones safe and out of trouble. Here are eight creative ways to kid-proof your home décor without having to purchase a single designated “child-proof” gadget.

Start With The Coffee Table

Coffee tables are high traffic pieces that get a whole lot of attention. Unfortunately, the sharp corners of rectangular tables can pose an injury risk to both grownups and toddlers alike. Don’t settle for wrapping your coffee table in that thick baby-friendly padding. Instead, purchase a circular or oval model to use while your little ones are learning to walk. You’ll score a beautiful piece that enhances your overall interior look and keeps your children away from sharp furniture edges for a design win/win.

Embrace Slip Covers

Beautifully upholstered chairs and couches are magnets for sippy cup spills. Don’t stress every time your child requests grape juice. Cover your delicate pieces with slipcovers. You can find something in a similar pattern to the existing material in the room or change up the design entirely for a fresh, new look. Also, if you’re in the market for a new set, you may want to consider going with leather. Leather not only offers rich, chic style, but it’s also super simple to wipe down spills of virtually any kind.


Lift Lighting Off The Ground

Table and floor lamps can create ambiance and add to the interior design – but they can also be grabbed by tiny hands and thrown to the floor in about 2 seconds flat. If you have toddlers in your home, table and floor lamps are more than highly fragile; these accents have glass bulbs and other components that may cause injury to kids if they break. What’s an easy (yet, still stylish) solution? Take your lighting up a notch by hanging them from walls or suspending them from the ceiling to eliminate the dangers of them unexpectedly crashing to the ground.

Keep Accents Out Of Reach

Yes, decorative accents on tables and consoles can help create design cohesion in the room…until little fingers get to them and ignite chaos. Much like your lights, display your figurines, candles, and vases at a level that your child can’t reach. High shelves and mantles are the perfect places to showcase your pieces and ensure they remain intact.

Make Patterns Your Best Friend

Patterns can distract the eye from a multitude of childhood transgressions. Spills, stains, nicks – the right design can easily camouflage them into the bustle of the surrounding print. Use them wherever you can, including on accent pieces like throw pillows and blankets, curtains, upholstery, and area rugs to help swallow up blemishes and marks from little ones.


Choose Wall Color Wisely

Whatever is on a child’s hand can quickly make its way onto your interior walls. Fortunately, it’s easy to fortify your walls from a handprint attack using wipeable paint. As its name implies, wipeable paint can be quickly cleaned using just a sponge and water. Avoid matte finishes that seem to drink up and retain dirt, instead choosing a semi-gloss or satin finish to expedite cleanup.


Utilize Natural Woods

Parents everywhere are rejoicing that natural woods aren’t just highly durable, but they are also highly stylish right now. Eliminate pieces that have glass, metal, and laminate features that shine a light on tiny finger and handprints. Use furnishings with a natural wood finish for dining, living room side tables, and nightstands.

Buy Backups

Sometimes you just want to buy what you like, without worrying about whether it will prove indestructible when subjected to the toddler zone. If the price tag works with your budget, consider purchasing two of something for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should something get stained or broken, you have a backup waiting in the wings.