How To Find the Right Interior Designer

Working with a professional designer for your Fort Collins home can make all the difference in your interior’s final look. Most people assume it’s only necessary to hire a professional for major projects. This is not true. An experienced design company can be highly involved or utilized minimally for a multitude of smaller tasks. Whether you need help designing the entire inside of a new home, creating an updated, functional space, or even simply rearranging existing furniture for better flow, the right interior designer could be the magic home style solution you are seeking.


Simplify The Search Process With These Tips

Yes, selecting the perfect interior designer can feel stressful at first based on the sheer volume of potential options. A quick online search is usually all it takes to overwhelm homeowners. Don’t give up just yet. Go into the process knowing where to start your journey and what to look for to make your research as easy (and stress-free) as possible.

Here are a few simple tips to guide you when selecting the right interior designer in Fort Collins for your home:

Location, Location, Location

When choosing your interior designer, location matters. The Fort Collins area is rich with unique architecture and decorative styles. Find a local designer to ensure you’re partnering with someone who really understands the style that makes the Fort Collins region so special. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the city’s Old Town district (aka the inspiration for Disney World’s infamous Main Street, USA) and want to recreate the Armstrong Hotel’s Art Deco vibe. Or, perhaps you’re redoing your Horsetooth Reservoir home and prefer a designer who has experience with other waterfront homes found here. Each interior design website should have an “areas serviced” section. You’ll quickly be able to pinpoint a firm who specializes in your region.

What’s Your Style?

Beyond experience within the Fort Collins district, you’ll also want a design company that resonates with your personal style and has completed similar projects. Yes, a great designer will have versatility and should be able to recreate any look you love – but finding someone with talent in your specific style can simplify the design process itself. Several websites can help you identify top prospects in your area that also have experience with your specific design preferences. is a great site to get started. This site contains reviews, special badges earned by the companies, and several portfolios of work. It also helps you break down categories of what to search for when looking for a designer and includes all services the company provides. Screen each individual design portfolio for “before and after” photos to ensure they have the credibility and talent you desire.

Word Of Mouth

Referrals from your personal network are also imperative when looking for the right designer for your home. Do you have friends or colleagues who recently had their house renovated? Being able to ask specific questions to someone you trust about the service they received from start to finish may give you the confidence you need to select the same company to redesign your home. Digital word of mouth can also help. Beyond, check out other review websites to get a better feel for a professional design company’s quality of work, customer approval rate, and overall online reputation.

Set A Budget

Having at least a ballpark budget can narrow down the shortlist of potential designers for your interior project. Individual providers may offer different pricing models. There are fixed fee rates, and hourly rate options available, which can help streamline your searches based on what pay scale works best for your wallet. Knowing what is financially realistic for your project can potentially save you a lot of time and stress.


Request A Quote

Once you have found a few designers that spark your interest, be sure to request a quote online if possible for the specific services you’ll need with your interior. Having a general digital quote that aligns with your budget is a great start, but isn’t enough (just yet) to move forward. Always follow-up with a phone call to talk through the design ideas you’ve seen in their portfolios and how that relates to the rearrangements or additions that you would love in your home.

All providers should be willing to go over the details over the phone. However, an exceptional design company will want to see the space in person to get a firm understanding of the project scope as well as see firsthand what inspires you personally. Use your onsite time together to set clear expectations and share your vision to make your final hire with complete confidence that you’ve found the best provider for your project.