How to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Home


Can you believe it-- only 30 days until spring? A lot of people have the tradition of “spring cleaning,” but how about adding some spring to your home this year? Here are some great ideas to add a touch of spring to your home and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

  1. Declutter. This is the good old stand by related to spring cleaning. Open the windows, let in some fresh air and dig in! Clean, organize and purge. Nothing makes you feel lighter and more refreshed than getting rid of all the extra “stuff.”

  2. Add some color. This year blue is in. Find some great pieces to add to your current décor to brighten it up a bit. Green is another color that says, “spring.” Add the color with accents and accessories or with actual greenery—a new plant or flowers.

  3. Rearrange your space. Moving pieces around gives the room a whole new look. Try and make your space more open.

  4. Light. Update window coverings or find ways to use more natural light this time of year. 

  5. A great wreath for your door. Find a springtime wreath made of greenery or flowers. This is a great way to bring spring into your home space. 

  6. Fresh flowers. Buy a couple bouquets of fresh flowers and put them throughout the house. Nothing says spring like having a small vase of fresh flowers in your bedroom and bathroom. 

  7. Pick a great seasonal scent for your home. Having favorite scents for different times of the year is a fun way to celebrate the seasons. In the spring, try lavender oil to diffuse in your home. Scented candles are a fun way to add scent and light. Find a scent that says “spring” to you.

  8. Update towels and linens. Create a beautiful spring table with some new linen napkins and placemats. Add some seasonal decorative towels in your kitchen and/or bathroom. 

  9. When you are rearranging a room, take a minute to rearrange a table or shelf. Add some accent pieces for the season in a great color or holiday theme. 

  10. Freshen up your walls with some new artwork. An interesting way to do this is to have a wall that you change the picture on seasonally or for various holidays. Try finding a space where you can add a small table or shelf that can also be decorated for the current season or upcoming holiday. A little nook type area is a great way to make your house more festive!

Whatever way or ways you choose to bring spring into your décor have fun with it. Nothing helps to beat those winter blues better than doing a mini refresh on your home or living space!