How Often Should I Redecorate?

We have all been there, we see a design or decorating trend, we think about, over think about it, make excuses and then finally make the leap. We re-do a bedroom or kitchen and then the next month we find out that our newly decorated room is no longer trendy, it is out-dated. There are new styles and colors every season and every year. It would be exhausting, not to mention expensive to stay current. What is the magic timeline? There is not one. If you have not updated your house in ten plus years, it is probably time to do some sprucing up for sure. Here are some tips to keep you current but not break the bank when it comes to home decor.


When you do update your home in a big way look for trends. A trend will last around a decade, while a fad is usually a much shorter span of time--maybe a year or two. There are some pretty timeless ways to decorate: wood floors, neutral cabinets, basic moldings and good natural lighting. Consult with a designer to see what types of decor will fit your home and budget and give you value over the span of several years. 


Keep it simple. Use neutral colors for walls and flooring. It is much easier to update the color or pattern of an area rug than to replace carpet. Repainting a wall is better than tearing down ornate moldings or wallpaper. Having a neutral palette will also allow you to add some pieces that go with current fads. For example, this spring's hot color is blue. If I have a more neutral kitchen I can add blue with a great tray, a table runner, placemats and a rug. I can replant my favorite ficus in a great blue pot and get a fun area rug or mat. When the blue trend is over these items won't break-the-bank to replace. 


This applies to other rooms in the house too. Buy great main pieces that will last and are more neutral and add throw pillows and a fun piece of art. When it comes to design find what you love and what works for you and then build around that. A good designer will help you find a way to take currents trends and incorporate them with the things that you love.  


Don't be a slave to the fads. If you don't love something don't do it because it is "what's in style." You won't be happy and you will waste money. Look around and find things that you love and incorporate them. 


Do buy what is in style when it comes to appliances. It is really hard  to try to sell a home with an avocado green fridge and oven. When it is time to replace the appliances do go with the current trends.  Same with countertops. Do your research and find what is durable and stylish. Stay neutral.


Do you have some family heirlooms that you just have to have? A piece of expensive artwork from your 90's Tuscan kitchen that you brought back from Italy? Maybe you just need to update the frame or maybe that heirloom needs to be in a different room now. Don't be afraid to keep what you love and build around it. 


Remember, your home should be a reflection of you. Find a way to balance trends and fads with what makes your home uniquely yours. Most of all, have fun and don't be afraid to make that update. You can always change it!