8 Home Staging Tricks to Hide Eyesores and Blemishes

For anyone selling their home in Colorado or anywhere else, home staging tricks are going to be extremely valuable. No matter how much we appreciate our homes, we all have certain spots in our interiors that somehow always look unsightly, unkempt, or cluttered. Fortunately, we don’t just have to live with the blemishes in our home décor. Loveland home stagers can help you draw attention away from those flaws. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your property or just want to enhance your personal enjoyment of your living spaces, here are eight clever home staging tricks to help cover up the eyesores, both inside and outside of your home.


Interior Paint

Over time, our walls can become excessively dinged, dented, and damaged. Paint is the best way to repair and restore these surfaces without having to drywall over the blemishes. A fresh coat of paint can quickly eliminate any surface scratches and imperfections. If you’re staging to sell your home, you may want to consider a neutral paint color. However, if you’re updating the room for yourself, get as bold as you’d like by choosing a fun shade that enhances the look of the space and introduces a fresh burst of color. Whatever tone you select, you may want to opt for a matte finish for best flaw coverage.

Art Gallery

Of course, paint isn’t your only choice when looking to cover up an imperfect wall. If you have a surface that is not only unsightly but also has various wall elements like outlet covers, gadgets, and switch plates, you may want to consider an art gallery. Hanging a collage of personal photos or works of art in various sizes can draw everyone’s eye to the items on the wall that warrants their attention, helping them to overlook any flaws.


Drop Cloths

Tired of looking at all the wires and plugs that run underneath your desk from the outlet to your computer? Place a drop cloth on the back of your computer, allowing it to drape all the way to the floor to instantly hide all the lines. When choosing the fabric, select a color that complements the tone of the desk or coordinates with the existing palette in the room.


Hinged Canvas

Yes, the thermostat on our walls is necessary; however, nothing says we should have to look at the heating and cooling controller whenever we utilize the space. For an easy fix, find a piece of canvas wall art that you love and attach it to the wall using hinges. Every time you need to bump up (or lower) the temperature, simply pull back the canvas to make your thermostat adjustment. This interior design trick can also prove a formidable resource if you’re enduring a thermostat war in your home or office – your family or coworkers can’t change the temperature if they can’t find the controller.

Charging Drawer

Modern technology is amazing. However, state-of-the-art innovation often means having multiple devices charging simultaneously, leaving any countertop or desk looking disorderly. Enter the charging drawer. A charging drawer allows you to plug in several devices at the same time, storing them out of sight, so you can keep your electronics fully charged and ready for use without leaving them (and their wires) out everywhere.

Window Treatments

Have a space with awkward or off-center windows? Consider using long window treatments to achieve symmetry. Many people assume that hanging new curtains calls attention to the window’s design flaws. However, the right drapes can actually take everyone’s eyes off of your windows, causing them to focus on the window treatments instead.


Refresh Garage Doors

It doesn’t take very long for our garage doors to start to show signs of wear and tear. However, the good news is it also doesn’t take very long to repair dirty and worn garage doors. Use an exterior paint on your garage to eliminate any blemishes and instantly boost your property’s overall curb appeal.


Area Rugs

Are your wall-to-wall carpets starting to succumb to the heavy foot (and paw) traffic they endure on a daily basis, but you’re not quite ready to invest in a full replacement? Area rugs may prove an ideal solution. Placing smaller throws on the worn spaces of your carpet can instantly cover up any damage. As a general rule of thumb, purchase a simple rug to go over a patterned carpet, and opt for a decorative area rug if the carpet underneath is one solid color.

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