Seven Reasons Why Realtors Should Consider Home Staging Services


As a realtor, it’s your job not only to sell your clients’ properties but also to sell your clients’ properties as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. As the market fluctuates, you may find yourself going through seasons where inventory isn’t moving at the pace you had anticipated. If you’re struggling to move certain listings (or all of them) and can’t understand why, you may want to partner with a professional Loveland home staging company. A reputable home stager comes onto your listed property, revamping each space to create an interior design that resonates with as many potential buyers as possible, furthering your marketing reach and helping the property earn a reputation as a “must-see.”

Not convinced a home staging provider would make an impact on your next sale? Here are seven important reasons why realtors should consider home staging services on virtually every listing they take on:


Homeowners Can’t Be Objective

Many realtors rely on the homeowners to stage the interiors and exteriors themselves. While this may seem great in theory, most homeowners can’t be objective about their own house. This subjectivity can cloud their staging vision, prompting them to leave out items that they may find compelling, but others view as clutter. A qualified staging firm has the objectivity needed to package the design effectively and compel people to come, view, and ultimately purchase.


Homebuyers Can’t Visualize A Home’s Potential

Most homebuyers come into an open house and essentially take the property at face value, assuming that the setup of each space is all that it can be used for. A well-executed staging creates a strategic “vision” in each room, ensuring that viewers instantly recognize both potential and overall functionality in every living space.

Service Differentiator

While home staging continues to gain momentum with both homeowners and realtors alike, some real estate firms still don’t provide it as a core service for their listings. Partnering with a professional stager offers your clients a resource that instantly helps you stand out from competing real estate firms in your region. Likewise, if you are one of the few realtors still not working with a qualified staging firm, you may be unknowingly giving a leg up to your competitors that do offer this resource.

Better MLS Photos

Many potential buyers will scour the Internet first before scheduling a walkthrough of a property. Photos of staged living spaces ensure that every room looks its best when potential buyers find your listing online. Additionally, better pictures on your real estate website can directly lead to an increase in online viewers, which can often translate into higher traffic to the property.


Time Savings

Sometimes realtors manage some of the staging themselves which can waste precious hours as you prepare the property for listing. Your time is better served showing and marketing your properties. Leaving the process up to a reputable staging firm instantly frees up bandwidth so you can do what you do best while they do what they do best: get every property as sale-ready as possible.

Faster Home Sale

As a realtor, your top priority is moving your clients’ inventory as quickly as possible. A professionally staged home can help you achieve just that. Recent statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association indicate that homes that have been staged before listing sell, on average, 73% faster than non-staged homes.


More Profit

Realtors recognize that homes languishing on the housing market inevitably drop their asking price. On average, a home will decrease 1% in price for every month it sits on the market. It’s not surprising that having a 73% faster selling time can directly lead to increased profits. A Coldwell Banker survey revealed that staged homes generally sold at 6% above the asking price, making a partnership with a professional stager well worth the initial investment.

Niche Design House offers professional interior design and house staging services that showcase the potential, beauty, and functionality of every living space to compel prospective buyers, no matter what the current real estate market temperature. Contact us today to learn more about why realtors should consider home staging services to create a property vision that resonates with buyers.