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Home Staging Services: A Room by Room Guide to Success

As a business that provides home staging services, we know that no matter where you are in the listing process, selling your Loveland home is stressful. While most people put their home on the market with the hope that it moves as quickly as possible, some carry the extra stress of knowing that they need to sell by a specific date in order to close on a new home they’ve already made an offer on. Unfortunately, there is a slew of variables that directly contributes to exactly how fast a property will move from open house to close date. Current market temperature, average neighborhood value, and the total amount of local inventory are all factors that you can’t necessarily control, but can still make a significant impact on how long your property will have a “For Sale” sign posted in your front yard.


Home Staging Services Can Expedite The Sale Of Your Home

While there is much you can’t control when selling your home, there is one thing you can take charge of when listing your property: interior staging. Using a Loveland home staging professional can instantly boost buyer appeal, helping your house stand out against other properties. Knowing some of the critical rooms to work on when staging your property can help you focus on the spaces that will have the biggest buyer impact for maximum results.

When home staging your home, consider the following:



Known as the heart of the home, your kitchen can make (or break) your sale, making it vital to have it looking its very best during every showing. Buyers are drawn to updated kitchens touting the latest appliances and gadgets, which can make it challenging for sellers with older homes. However, a few updates like painting the cabinets, changing out the hardware, and decluttering all of the counter space can still visually influence and compel viewers. Also, consider adding fresh flowers or a fruit bowl as a focal point to breathe life into the room.


Living Room

After the kitchen, the living room is the place where people will spend most of their waking hours. It’s critical to deliver a space where people can envision themselves spending time with family, entertaining, and relaxing. Floors and walls are big influencers in this room. A fresh coat of paint and a new rug will instantly brighten up the interior, making it more appealing to buyers. Additionally, you’ll want to go through the room to declutter, eliminating unnecessary items like toys, baskets, dog beds, and any other small accents that don’t serve a purpose in design appeal.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is another key selling point. Buyers want to feel like their future master bedroom is a luxurious retreat, so it’s important to stay focused on delivering a hotel room experience as much as possible. Once again, decluttering is a vital component when creating the right ambiance. Eliminate clothes, books, and miscellaneous items that are making the room seem smaller. You may also want to consider removing unneeded furnishings as well. Finally, be sure to go through your closet, which is a major selling point in any master bedroom. Check the doors of the closet to ensure they are working properly and thin out what is being stored in it so buyers can get an accurate understanding of how spacious it really is.

Loveland Bedroom Staging


Not only do prospective buyers want to feel like they are in a posh, spa bathroom in their new home, they also want to feel like this particular room has been well-cleaned and sanitized while in your care. Since bathrooms are often the last rooms to get renovated, they can often be the most outdated rooms in the home. Check out the color scheme and accents first; a fresh coat of paint and new mats, towels, and fixtures are all easy, inexpensive ways to modernize a bathroom and boost visual impact during a viewing. Additionally, hide all toiletries and personal products out of sight whenever your house has a showing. You’ll also want to remove any other accessories like magazine racks and any bathroom apparatus (potty seats, anyone?) for young children that may be taking up space in the room.


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