How to Use Home Staging in Your Entryways

Selling a house is never easy. Whether you’re preparing it yourself, or you’re working with home stagers in Loveland, your house needs to appeal to as many people as possible. Making a great first impression as soon as viewers walk through the door is the only way to capture buyer attention – and it all starts with your home’s entryway.  

Home Stagers in Loveland Can Optimize Foyer Impact

The entryway of your home is the first thing people see when they enter. They come in all shapes and sizes; some include grand ceilings and staircases, while others have smaller nooks and hallways. However, all foyers have the potential to wow buyers with the right design and furnishing choices. Here are some tips and tricks to dazzle buyers as soon as they step foot inside your interior.  

Use Bold (But Strategic) Interior Design

The atmosphere you create in your entryway sets the tone for the entire house, so you want to it to have some personality.   Work with your home stager to select bold statement pieces, like a beautiful console table, unique bench, or a chair boasting a lively print. This is the perfect space to experiment with some really eclectic items. Not only do these elements increase the aesthetic interest, but they’re practical pieces that will show buyers there’s somewhere to put their keys, sit down to put shoes on, and store their mail. Combining functionality and visual impact is key when you’re staging a home.  

Also, consider including one of the most effective design elements in an entryway: a mirror. A large mirror will make your entryway space feel expansive. Plus, who doesn’t want one more quick glance in the mirror before heading out to work? Having one in your entryway allows potential buyers to visualize their daily routines in the home, which can help give your property a competitive edge against others on the market.  

You’ll also want to add a rug to your entryway. Choose an area rug or a runner based on the layout of your entryway. A great rug allows you to bring in color and texture while conveying a warm, cozy atmosphere that leads into other rooms in the home. Finally, don’t forget about the walls. Hang bold artwork or create a gallery wall of family or travel photos.  

Consider Paint Choice

As with any home improvement project, a fresh coat of paint can change everything. Spruce up your entryway with a new shade. If you’re working with a small entryway, especially one that enters directly into a narrow hallway, use a light paint color—a bright neutral tone will make the space feel welcoming and spacious.  

If you’re working with a larger entryway, there’s more opportunity to incorporate color and really make a statement. For example, you could incorporate a navy blue to add a bolder color without choosing something too wild that won’t appeal to a wider range of buyers.  

Let There Be Light

Avoid a dark entryway at all costs. You want potential buyers to feel welcomed into your home—like its a place they want to see more of. If your entryway is lacking windows and natural light, use standing lamps or wall sconces to brighten up the space.  

Also, one of the first things people do when they walk into a home, especially one with higher ceilings, is look up. You may want to consider an eye-catching chandelier that not only adds light but also adds an element of whimsical design to the space. If you do have windows in your entryway, make sure they’re clean, swap dark curtains for sheer materials, and leave blinds open to let as much light in as possible. This will make the space feel bright, airy and open.  

Stay Organized

  Because your entryway is the first thing potential buyers will see, it’s especially important to declutter this space. You want to give the impression that there is plenty of storage throughout your home, so that you don’t need to have your coats, shoes and other belongings lying in your entryway.  

Whether you have a coat closet, a storage bench, cubbies or coat racks, make sure your shoes, coats, wallets, purses, and miscellaneous gear are neatly stowed. Hide mail, chargers, and other odds and ends that may be cluttering up surfaces in the space. You can also add some affordable organizational pieces, such as coat hooks on the wall. It’s a small touch, but it’ll go a long way when it comes to showcasing functionality.  

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