Home Staging 101: Get Your Children’s Rooms Sale-Ready

Getting a home sale-ready takes a lot of thoughtful planning, hands-on work, and ample creativity. You know your home functioned well for you, but now you’re tasked with making it work for a new owner. This can be especially challenging when it comes to the children’s rooms in your house. While some prospective buyers may love the soccer-themed borders and unicorn wallpaper that your children selected, chances are their little ones may have entirely different tastes.  

Additionally, some potential buyers may not use the current kid-friendly spaces for the same purpose, opting instead for a home gym, office, or guest room. A professional home staging service is a great way to ensure your children’s rooms are as appealing as possible for all prospective buyers. An experienced and reputable home stager can help you transform any rooms that your children have made their own into a space that your prospective buyers can imagine themselves spending time in after the sale. Here are a few guidelines your home stager may suggest:  

Stage for Everyone

Perhaps one of the most important things to keep in mind as you get your home ready for resale is that you don’t know who will be buying your home, so you want to make it as warm, inviting, and welcoming as possible for anyone that may schedule a viewing. Yes, it’s okay that your kids’ rooms look like kids’ rooms. However, when there’s neon-colored walls, themed décor, tiny furniture, and toys piled everywhere, it may only appeal to one type of prospective buyer: parents. This can instantly limit your options when you’re ready to sell. Your professional home staging service will eliminate any overtly-juvenile furnishings that may deter motivated buyers, helping you create a neutralized interior that appeals to the masses.  

Small Updates (And a Little Elbow Grease) Can Go a Long Way

No matter what a space was used for, buyers want to see that a home was well cared for throughout your ownership. In the kids’ rooms, this may require some cleaning, refreshing, and replacing, especially if the room belonged to younger children. Check walls and floors for remnants of finger paints, errant crayon marks, handprints, or food stains to decide if you can clean them away or need to repaint the room and window sills. Additionally, we all know that the pitter-patter of tiny feet can sometimes create a giant mess, making a carpet replacement necessary.  

Get Organized

Decluttering everywhere in the home is essential when trying to make a sale, but the kids’ room may require a little extra love when the time comes to list your property. Make toys appear as organized as possible by placing them in containers. Store backpacks, coats, clothes, and shoes away, so the room looks neat (and buyers recognize that there’s ample storage available in the space). Finally, clear off all surfaces—the less “stuff” buyers can see, the better they’ll be able to envision their own things in a room. Checkout this helpful article for tips on decluttering your child’s room before your move.  

Be Mindful When Decorating

When it comes to staging your children’s rooms for your home’s sale, it’s crucial to create consistency with the rest of the house. Achieving a uniform vibe throughout the interior design is important to ensure that, as potential buyers move from room to room, they can easily see how the home as a whole will suit their lifestyle. Design consistency can be accomplished with the right color, décor, and furniture choices.  

Start by removing small decorative touches and fixtures like kid-themed light switch covers, curtains, or ceiling fan pulls. When it comes to wall paint, eliminate themed borders and decals. Instead, choose softer, neutral colors that give the room a more mature, yet still bright and cheerful vibe. Repainting also makes any space feel brand new and can help hide imperfections.  

In addition to changing the wall color, do your best to maximize natural light throughout your children’s rooms. Opt for lighter, even sheer, window treatments that will allow for as much natural light as possible. Keep blinds and curtains open, turn on all the lights, and replace any missing light bulbs.  

Plants are always a visually appealing touch, and you can hang cheerful, whimsical artwork that can speak to parents, while not alienating those without kids. Finally, it’s important to keep furniture at a minimum to allow buyers to envision their own personal belongings in your space – a minimalist space will instantly make the room feel larger. Opt for multi-use, child-friendly furniture by replacing toy boxes with small couches, comfy chairs or a writing desk and bookshelf.  

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