Six Tips for an Inspiring Holiday or Winter Interior Design

Winter is here, bringing with it a special time of year where we can get fun and creative with our seasonal home décor accessories in Loveland and throughout Colorado. Whether you use this time of year to pull out all the decorative holiday stops, or prefer a more winter wonderland feel to your seasonal design, don’t settle for the same old plastic decorations and blowup snowmen as everyone else in your neighborhood. This year, follow a few simple tips to help you think outside the (gift) box and create unique and sophisticated holiday and winter interior design that will quickly become your new decorating tradition.

Some tips for holiday and winter designs that inspire and delight include:

Shake Up the Status Quo

We all get into the dreaded holiday design rut where we put the same decorations in the same place year after year (after year). This season, start fresh with your home décor accessories by finding new places and ways to use your existing decorations. Repositioning your pieces even slightly can make them feel fresh and new again.

Bonus Tip: If you really want to shake up the seasonal status quo, challenge yourself to find a new spot for at least one of your favorite decoration collections every single year.

Embrace All the Colors

Many people assume that holiday and winter decoration is a very color-specific process that’s limited to greens, reds, and blues. Not true. You can make nearly any shade or hue feel seasonally on-point with the right home décor accessories. Love bright colors such as yellows and pinks? Find winter decorations or even holiday ornaments that use a color palette that resonates with you and incorporate them throughout your interior spaces. For an added decorative touch, hang a few homemade snowflakes, and you’ve instantly created a design in a palette you like and that works with the season.

Check out this gallery for color combinations you may have never tried for holiday decor.

Bonus Tip: No matter what your color scheme, dust everything with a little fake snow for a shimmery, winter wonderland affect you can enjoy throughout all of our cold, snowy months.

Find Hidden Spots to Make Bright

Don’t overlook all of your storage spaces when creating a holiday or winter interior design. That breakfast nook hutch that only holds extra dishes, those extra open shelves in the kitchen, even the extra spaces on your bookstand can all be used to showcase winter accents and décor. Create small baskets of greens, add bud vases with winterberry, and tuck ornaments into empty spaces to make these often overlooked areas in your home feel special during this time of year.

Shine a Light

There’s something about soft, twinkly white lights on a cold winter’s night that makes everything feel so much cozier and warmer. Today’s string lighting designs are no longer only about the tree. There are a multitude of string lighting options to choose from that can be placed, well, pretty much everywhere. See this article for creative ways to use twinkly lights.

Use thin-wire lighting to weave through DIY or store bought pieces for an added accent. Place strands on the mantel with candles to complement the glow of the fire or wrap them around structural posts to give these functional features a little extra festive flair.

Bonus Tip: Find battery operated lights that have a timer on them that sets to turn on every day at the same time, so you can save yourself the hassle of switching them on individually.

Go for the Garland

Garland is a winter and holiday decoration staple – and with good reason. These go-to strands are easy to make, don’t take up a ton of space, and can be used throughout your home in multiple ways. Find your favorite evergreens or tree leaves to tie together and decorate with other items such as pinecones for a perfect accent over mirrors, across mantels, or winding up staircases.


Include the Scents of the Season

When it comes to winter and holiday decorations, we often focus so much on the sights of the season that we forget about the signature scents that make this time of year so special. Mulled wine with cinnamon sticks, oranges pierced with cloves, and even homemade potpourri simmering on the stovetop can permeate the house, instantly enhancing the overall sensory impact of the other seasonal elements placed throughout your winter interior design.

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