Five Holiday Decorating Tips From Estes Park Professional Interior Designers

Decorating your Colorado home for the holiday season is one of the most enjoyable activities of this time of year. While we all have some standard decorative traditions and routines, some years we really want to amp the festivities and final look of our holiday decorations. Make this your year. Here five holiday decorating tips from Estes professional interior designers to help you easily—and affordably—transform your home into a dreamy winter wonderland.

Start With a Plan

No matter what the project, every successful interior design starts with a plan. Decorating for the holidays should be no different. Before you dig up all your seasonal decorations and dive headfirst into the tinsel, take time to envision what you want your home to look like. Create an inspiration board on Pinterest or flip through some of your favorite home magazines to pull ideas you love.

As you being to strategize your decorating approach, consider where you want your tree, lights, garland, and little knick-knacks to help prevent cluttering up your home with too many decorations. You’ll also want to think about your color scheme. (find more about choosing your Christmas color scheme here.) While red and green are always great go-tos, don’t forget about other fun and festive colors like gold, silver, blue, and purple.

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Finally, think about how you’ll decorate the different rooms in your home—and don’t forget about the bathroom! While you’re planning, add some holiday-scented soap to your shopping list, or keep your eye out for a great holiday bath mat. Having a blueprint in your mind ahead of time will make decorating, shopping, and cutting costs easier. Best of all, having a plan can help optimize results and ensure you don’t miss a decorative opportunity.

Go Natural

While you’re decorating, don’t forget about the difference that fresh garland, real wreaths, and bright poinsettias can make in your home. Even if you prefer fake Christmas trees, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate natural seasonal elements. Yes, there’s absolutely a place for kitschy decorations during the holidays (that bright, sparkly dancing snowman your child made last year deserves to be proudly presented). However, balancing those items with natural decor will bring an element of warmth and organic authenticity to your home. Plus, (unlike the dancing snowman) real garland won’t leave residual glitter trails throughout your home.


Reuse, Reimagine, and Repurpose

You have enough shopping to do during the holiday season, and decorating doesn’t need to cost you a ton of extra time and money. Try incorporating what you already have into your decor plan. Transform houseplants into unique mini Christmas trees by hanging extra ornaments on them. Cover couches in holiday throws and fill vases with ornaments and pine cones. When every store pushes new holiday items beginning in October, it can be tempting to stock up every year. By getting creative, to reuse, reimagine, and repurpose what you already have, you can save both time and money and make your home really stand out.


Keep It Personal

While you want your home to be beautiful (especially if you’re hosting holiday events) save some space for the traditions and sentimental items that make the holidays so special. Don’t get so focused on the decorative details that you forget about the paper snowflakes, handmade ornaments, hand-stitched Christmas pot holders and all of those personalized items acquired from friends and family over the years.

Another way to keep things personal: Stay true to your style. If you prefer a country vibe, opt for natural elements like pine cones and garland, and handmade items like needlepoint throws and pillows. For a more modern and glamorous flair, try some white faux fur pillows, glass and crystal elements, and gold and silver decorations. If you find your color palette is neutral, don’t be afraid to add some bright pops of color.


Keep It Fun (aka Avoid the Holiday Stress)

Finally, don’t let the task of decorating stress you out so much that you forget to enjoy it. Pour some eggnog, put on some music, gather the family together, and make decorating a holiday tradition. Another way to avoid stress is to not push off decorating until the last minute and try to squeeze it onto your already overflowing to-do list. Get started early to make the process less of a task and more of a fun family activity.

What are some of your favorite holiday decorating tips?