Should You Hire a Commercial Interior Designer?

In a few words, yes, you should hire a commercial interior designer. Many business owners in Estes Park and throughout Northern Colorado assume that they can manage their office interior design themselves. However, running a company is a full-time job. As an entrepreneur, you’re likely already straddling a multitude of other responsibilities and functions, leaving your company’s interior at the very bottom of your priority list.

Before you make your office redesign a DIY endeavor, consider some of the many benefits that a professional Estes Park interior designer offers to your commercial space:


Budget Management

As with any type of corporate expense, maintaining a steady eye on costs is crucial to success. Managing your project internally often leaves room for ad-hoc, last-minute purchases that aren’t part of the allocated budget just to get the design completed (aka off your to-do list). Your professional design team will work with you to determine exactly what you’d like to spend on your project. From there, they will create a customized approach that achieves your goals yet still gives careful consideration to your pre-determined budget. Additionally, as you move forward with your design and decide to add new features or pieces, the team will price out estimated costs so you can quickly determine if it’s something you’d like to move forward with or not.


Execute On Your Vision

Many people have an idea of what they like (or don’t like), and a general vision about the final design of their office space. However, taking an interior design from concept to completion requires extensive planning and project management throughout every design phase. Your chosen Colorado interior designer will work with you to get a firm understanding of exactly what you’re looking for in your project…and then put together a plan that helps you get there.

Client/Customer Appeal

Your commercial building is often the first (and sometimes only) impression your company gets to make on clients/customers, affiliates, and even prospective employees. A skilled designer will work with you to understand the visual tone you want to strike with guests, starting with when they pull up to your business. A design specialist will often manage exterior updates, such as plants and furniture, to instantly boost curb appeal and compel outside guests to come in. She’ll continue the vibe inside for a cohesive final layout that you’ll be proud to show off to any company visitors.

Optimized Spaces

As a business owner, you’re already well aware of the expense of owning or renting your commercial building; it’s vital to make the most out of every available square foot. A professional interior designer will carefully assess your property to create a customized solution that not only enhances the aesthetics of your company building but also increases functionality throughout the entire facility.


Established Vendor Partnerships

Furnishing your office is a key design element to project success. The desks, chairs, couches, tables, and a multitude of other furniture choices will define the look, feel, and function of your business space. An experienced interior designer will have an established professional network of contacts as well as partnerships with various furniture suppliers that may offer product discounts. Tapping into your designer’s list of vendors means you’ll have access to trendy, top-quality pieces at the very best price points.


Brand Identity

Your brand identity is critical for the success of your organization; your logo, corporate color palette, and a wide range of other brand-specific features should be displayed prominently throughout every space. A design expert will know how to tastefully keep your brand at the forefront of your projects without going overboard.


Time Savings

Most importantly, outsourcing your commercial design to a professional commercial interior designer will save you precious time over the course of the project. A versatile designer understands how to project manage every design phase, carefully coordinating every detail, contractor, delivery, and build so you don’t have to. She will create a beautiful final space that you and your employees will love (what she does best), so you have the freedom to focus on successfully running your company (what you do best) for the ultimate win/win partnership.


Niche Design House Can Redefine Your Corporate Space

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