How to Achieve a High-End Interior Design Look on a Budget

When it comes to decorating our home, most of us have one thing standing between us and the interior design of our dreams: our budget. We all have to keep an eye on the bottom line to ensure we love our finished living spaces without hating how much we had to spend to achieve the design.

Fortunately, it is possible to create a high-end interior design that doesn’t stretch your finances too thin…if you’re armed with a few proven tips and tricks. Here are a few suggestions to consider for luxurious rooms without overspending.


Brighten Spaces

When you walk into to a posh hotel room, what’s the first thing you notice (besides the often too-long line at check-in)? Usually, it’s bright colors on the walls and throughout all the open spaces. Adding a paint color to your walls that brightens the room instantly makes the room feel a bit more elegant. Additionally, starting with a new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to achieve a clean, fresh slate for the rest of your design strategies.


Cushy Furniture Pieces with Tall Legs

A trick that many people use to create a luxury look in the home is with affordable furniture that looks and feels high-end. Pieces made from rich-looking fabrics or with billowy and tufted accents will immediately amp up design impact. From ottomans to chairs and sofas, adding a cushy piece makes the entire space feel more luxurious. Instead of bulky, boxy pieces that hover close to the floor, choose items with tall legs to lift that furniture off the ground, making the area feel lighter and brighter.

Bonus Tip: Don’t assume you have to do all your shopping at yard sales and thrift stores to find a great deal. Shop local places that sell high-end furniture in Loveland to find items that are both top quality and affordable.

Window Treatments

You can easily pull your design together by starting with the window treatment installation. To achieve an extravagant look, attention needs to be placed on how the curtains are hung as well as the fabric and coloring. Hang your curtains all the way from the ceiling, even if your windows do not go as high. This elongates the room and creates a more grand appearance. Adorning your windows with quality fabrics can set the backdrop for your space. Choose a thick material for a more plush appearance, using options such as silk, linen, or cotton for an elegant feel.

Color can also make an impact. Go with neutral tones for a light and airy effect or be more dramatic with bold coloring.


Light It Up

Many homeowners spend most of their time on the furniture and accents in a room that they forget one vital interior design component: lighting. The right lighting plan can warm up the room, giving everything in the space a comfortable and inviting glow. Fortunately, there are many lighting fixture options that offer a high-end look without a ridiculously high price tag. Consider pieces with metallic tones for a modern touch in the space that commands attention even when it’s not in use.



Speaking of metallics, don’t limit the uses of silver, gold, chrome, and bronze to just the lighting fixtures. Metallic pieces can be used throughout the room as accents for an instant high-end interior design feel. A current popular trend right now is rose gold. Incorporate this metallic color in cabinet handles, coffee tables, or accent frames for a sophisticated, yet budget-friendly, look.


Oversized Artwork

Oversized paintings and wall hangings can give your design an opulent feel. One eye-catching piece can instantly make the entire room look and feel more luxurious. Home decor stores like Niche Design House can help you find that stunning wall art piece to give your space the feel you hope to achieve.

Worried that a large work of art isn’t in the budget? Check in with your local decor stores to see when they’re having sales on their artwork (follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our weekly sales and other store news).

These are just a few changes you can make in your home to create a high-end design that won’t break your budget. Start with an overall design concept and then get to shopping, looking for affordable yet stunning pieces to achieve a final look you’ll love.


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